Red poodles

Red Poodles are rare and absolutely beautiful. Getting one will bring you a loyal and affectionate friend for a lifetime. But you will have to take a good care of this gorgeous dog. Learn more about the Red Poodles, how to care and love them. Find out more!

Red Poodles: What To Know About?

Poodles are cute, playful and lovable. There is no way someone can get near the poodle without wanting to touch its soft coat or to play with it.

Today, we wanted to stop our attention to the red poodle bread as it is rare and absolutely gorgeous.

Read our article to learn more about these stunning pets and the ways you can treat them best.

FAQ: What Do You Absolutely Must Know About The Red Poodles!

Red Miniature Poodles: The Most Trainable.

There are two sizes of the red poodles you can find: Miniature and Standard Poodles. In any size (or any color), this will be the same breed with minor differences in stamina and body built.

*green Red Miniature poodles are usually grown from 10 to 15 inches and can weigh approximately 15-17 pounds. green*

Never believe, if someone says that the Miniature poodles are more high-strung in comparison to other breeds or even Standard poodles. It is so not true. But remember, general condition and the poodles’ behavior depends almost solely on you and the way you treat your pet.

Even though all poodles are known for being good athletes due to their body structure, Miniature poodles can show even better results. The reason here is the specific “square” body built which means that their heights is pretty similar to the length of the poodles body. This allows Miniature poodles to move very fast and jump over hurdles effortlessly.

Red Miniature Poodles know how to use their head and will learn with joy. The only thing you need to do is to dedicate your free time to your family dog training, and you will get great results faster than you’ll expect.

These cute small dogs are eager for socialization and their owners’ love. If you’ve decided to get a Miniature Red poodle, you must take full responsibility on loving and playing with this dog. Such attitude will protect both you and your emotional sensitive pet from high-strung behavior.

Red Standard Poodles: A Bit Of History And Characteristics.

Red Standard poodles can reach heights from 15 inches and taller. These pretty and unique dogs were first bred about 1980 year. The whole story have started with the breeding miniature apricot cute Poodle with a standard red colored one. The result was amazing: 4 vividly red puppies with a size a bit smaller than a common standard poodle size. Years after, with the selection of the largest puppies from each breed, we have now the Standard Red Poodles.

As any Poodles, Standard Red are very friendly, They will love you to the bone and will demand a lot of your attention. But, with all the affection these little dogs show to their owner, they will still remain wary of strangers and protect your home with barking.

Poodles show amazing intelligence and playfulness, but you have to keep that mind and body busy to avoid stress and diseases that come along.

Red Baby Poodles: How To Treat The Puppies.

Even grown up Poodles need a good care, let along the small and defenseless puppies.

*green You need to start caring about your pet from the moment you see it for the first time. In result, you will get healthy and well-trained pet who will bath you in love and affection. green*

Before even laying your eye on the puppies, be sure you are taking it from the breeder with good reputation and healthy dogs. We get attached to pets so quickly and it can be too painful for the owner and the dog to go through sickness, which can happen with the dogs from bad and irresponsible breeders.

Puppies will feel great indoors with the loving owner and his family.

Great thing to have at home is the dog bean bag bed with good neck support and medium heights, so that the puppies can learn fast how to get inside of it.

You must start training your poodle as soon as possible. Be gentle and attentive. If you are not sure that you are doing things right, you can always ask for help in the nearest obedience classes in your town.

Miniature Poodles will stay as puppies near one year while Standard Poodles are considered puppies until 2 years old.

Before taking a puppy home, get all the information possible from the breeder on what food does it like, where does it prefer to sleep and what to do etc.

Small puppies are very active and curious. Be sure to get various toys for your new pet. This will help to keep him occupied and play a significant role during the teething phase.

From Apricot To The Deep Red Poodles: Possible Shades.

Red Poodles commonly come from the Apricot ones. The thing here is that there is a specific gene in red poodles breed that influences the way the color of their pretty coat will get darker as they grow up. Thus, almost every red poodle puppy will have an apricot color at the start. In few months (the time depends on the genetics and the puppy itself), you will get to see the future color of your puppy becoming visible.

Specifically bred dark red poodles can have amazingly fire red shades of the coat.

The color of the red poodle coat can change through the first 2 years of their lives getting darker or lighter.

Do Red Poodles Fade?

Yes, they do. The Red Poodles are from the faded gene group, so the color of your pet coat will, most certainly, change with the time.

But, even faded, it stays gorgeous and pretty.

You can’t influence the darkening or lightening of the fur shade, all you can do is to groom your pet properly for silky and shiny hair.

Nevertheless, if the color has faded and you want to restore it somehow, you can always dye it. This also concerns the owners of white or, e.g., silver poodles, if they are willing to dye their coat red. In this case, we insistently recommend using only high-quality dye to prevent the possible harm. Manic Panic or other Vegetable Based dye can do the job.

Grooming Your Red Poodle.

If you want your pet to look like it came from the magazine cover and be healthy and happy at the same time – get ready for a lot of grooming.

Buying a Poodle gives you a loyal friend but leaves you with lots of responsibilities. If you will learn how to take care of your dog properly, it will gladden your eye and heart every day.

First thing you need to know about the Poodles Grooming, is that they require clipping every 4-6 weeks. With no delays and regularly. If you are not familiar with the clipping process (which is not hard and you surely can master it), you should take your pet to the experienced groomer at first.

Why is it so important to clip the Poodle? Apart from the neat and healthy look it will provide your dog with, it can help the poodle to stay healthy. Ungroomed poodle can have problems with eyes e.g.

You can choose the clip on your liking and depending on your dogs character.

Poodles love to bathe and this process is also an irreplaceable part of their grooming routine. Be sure to have brushes and towels on hand, as you’ll need to use them after bathing. If you let the fur dry by itself without brushing, it can curl too much, tangle together and turn into a mess.

Don’t forget about such important tools like nail grinder and paw wax to groom your poodles paws and nails. You should trim the nails at least once a month. This will help your dog and will keep your legs from unnecessary scratches.

*red One of the most vulnerable parts of the poodles body are the eyes. You can often see tear stains under the poodle eyes. If you won’t pay attention to it, the tear stains can spread on the dogs cheeks, make the stained hair rough and hard to handle and even irritate the eyes even more. red*

There are far too many reasons that can cause the tear stains. Starting from teething face or inappropriate diet to the simple ungroomed hair parts sticking into the poodles eye.

If you’ve noticed the tear stains under your poodle eyes, try your best to remove possible causes of irritation. You can also try to prevent tear stains by grooming your pet well and using specifically designed tear stain wipes.


Red Poodles are extremely beautiful and affectionate creatures that deserve to be loved and treated with only the best attitude.

We recommend consulting with the professional groomer and trainer on questions concerning specifics of caring about your dog in summer, winter and just about the whole process in general.

We hope, that you will find this article helpful and will learn a little bit more on how to care about these magnificent dogs.

Here we’ve also wanted to make a list of the best names for the Red Poodles, if you are in a search for one.

  • Amber
  • Ambrosia
  • Apple
  • Blush
  • Bordeaux
  • Brandy
  • Brick
  • Burgundy
  • Cardinal
  • Cayenne
  • Cherry
  • Chili
  • Cinnamon
  • Copper
  • Crimson
  • Dynamite
  • Ember
  • Fire
  • Flame
  • Foxy
  • Rojo
  • Rose
  • Ruby
  • Rusty
  • Scarlet
  • Spark
  • Spice
  • Valentine


Poodles coloring is so various. Orange-brown poodle is a really old and gorgeous at the same time. Honestly speaking, it was hard to create this color. Here we glimpse at this process and the peculiarities of this coloring.

red dog poodle

Red poodle puppies are usually born apricots. It may delude you, but with months this color becomes brighter and richer. It is ‘rufus’ gene, which provides red coloring. This gene helps to make apricot or orange-brown color darker. Definitely, red gene does not have any impact on black while the apricot gene interact only with white one.

Color we are talking about becoming an official in 1980. Today, even the Apricot Red Poodle Club exist. Remember, a real red poodles are black-spotted, there may be chocolate spots as well but it happens not so often. Ilse Konig of the Shangri-La Kennel gave the idea to create an orange-brown poodle. A small miniature apricot female Poodle and a large standard produced four poodle puppies. Their color was outstanding, it seemed like a fire. Since the parents were not the same in size measurement, the Klein or Moyan category was created. Now they are extremely popular in Europe.

The standard could easily produce red puppies as well in several years after this.
By the way, these poodles are prone to change their colors according to their age. They can become lighter or darker, that happens more frequently.
Sometimes you as an owner can raise your eyebrows when you see your poodle so deep red color.
Do not forget, fading is a normal part of the aging process.