Red poodles

Poodles coloring is so various. Find out how to take care of your lovely red poodle.

Poodles coloring is so various. Orange-brown poodle is a really old and gorgeous at the same time. Honestly speaking, it was hard to create this color. Here we glimpse at this process and the peculiarities of this coloring.

red dog poodle

Red poodle puppies are usually born apricots. It may delude you, but with months this color becomes brighter and richer. It is ‘rufus’ gene, which provides red coloring. This gene helps to make apricot or orange-brown color darker. Definitely, red gene does not have any impact on black while the apricot gene interact only with white one.

Color we are talking about becoming an official in 1980. Today, even the Apricot Red Poodle Club exist. Remember, a real red poodles are black-spotted, there may be chocolate spots as well but it happens not so often. Ilse Konig of the Shangri-La Kennel gave the idea to create an orange-brown poodle. A small miniature apricot female Poodle and a large standard produced four poodle puppies. Their color was outstanding, it seemed like a fire. Since the parents were not the same in size measurement, the Klein or Moyan category was created. Now they are extremely popular in Europe.

The standard could easily produce red puppies as well in several years after this.
By the way, these poodles are prone to change their colors according to their age. They can become lighter or darker, that happens more frequently.
Sometimes you as an owner can raise your eyebrows when you see your poodle so deep red color.
Do not forget, fading is a normal part of the aging process.