Poodles are great!

If you see a poodle in the street, you must have fallen in love with this cute creature. It is kind of a breed which attracts the dog lovers’ attention. First of all, it is all about its appearance. A fluffy and well-groomed coat, shining eyes and wagging tail are the signs of a healthy poodle. You know that its health condition directly depends on you. Obviously, if you want your poodle to look lively, friendly and pretty, you must know a lot about your pet’s health peculiarities. A dog’s life has several stages as people do. If your poodle eats well and trains enough, it means that it will have a long happy life without any diseases. Secondly, remember that the poodles adore people. Do not despair them.

Remember that we are responsible for what you have tamed. Take care of your little pet. For you to be ready for any circumstances, you should have a package of knowledge this site gives you.This site will help you to become a real friend for your poodle. Surely, this kind of friendship is the most valuable among the others.

nice smiling poodle

You become responsible forever, for what you have tamed

A. de Saint-Exupery

It's very important to take care of your lovely pet properly. If you are an owner of this fluffy creature, our website will come in handy to you. Dear readers, poodles tightly tie us together. We deeply appreciate this connection and want to help you with poodle upbringing. Remember, poodle is your kid family member who deserves respect and care.


Aging is a crucial topic which needs special attention and consideration. You have to be aware what to expect when your poodle is on the different life stage. Have you ever heard that poodle’s life depends on its size? Obviously, health status impacts on aging pace. Here you can read a piece of advice how to prevent your poodle from accidents and illnesses. It makes sense that senior poodles need additional care. You will notice how they become weaker. You are powerless against the time, but you can help your pet with your love and good attitude. That is all it needs.


It is extremely important to maintain a good health condition. You have to know everything about feeding. As we know, food is the source of life energy for living beings. Then we should know how to get rid of the accumulated energy with the help of exercise. Remember, even if your dog is absolutely healthy, do not neglect to visit the vet. In addition, the poodle is an extrovert creature. Let it have friends. The poodle is happier in a society that on its own. Remember, good mood is a health guarantee.


If you want your poodle to look pretty and healthy, do not ignore the simple rules of grooming. It concerns bathing process, brushing and drying. Ears and nails should be groomed as well, unless you will visit your vet very often. Take care of your poodle’s coat and hair since appearance is important as well as health. For you to remember, if your poodle looks amazing, it means you have a healthy pet.


When we talk about care, we involve all the items of looking after the poodle. Brushing teeth, active lifestyle, healthy food and high-quality water need control. It is worth to mention that care differs in different seasons. Read the section to be aware of these items as it is closely connected with health, including life span.