Life span

Let's discover life span for Toy, Miniature and Standard Poodles. Find out steps to ensure a longer life for your pet.

Here we try to figure out poodle life durance distinguishing features. We elaborate on each poodle species, that is toy, miniature and standard poodle. Standards are long-lived beings in comparison with two others. Poodle treatment is different since their sensitivity is various too. Here you can also find topical information about poodle death reasons. Furthermore, there are some tips how to make your pet’s life longer.

Is the size important?

poodle on the greenThere are stereotyped statement that dog life length depends on its body proportion. As a matter of fact, this concept is developed, intricated and fully informative for everybody to understand. It makes sense to think that big body has to do more work and, consequently, we can observe poodle accelerated aging. However, this opinion was argued because a big body has a definitely a big heart, thus is thought to be much stronger than others. Indeed, this is not a one-of-a-kind reason to decline this point of view.
German researchers have completed their study with expert opinion which confirmed this fact while the information about aging of 56 thousand dogs including 74 species contradict it. It seems that life of bigger dog moves in accelerated mode. To sum it up, this happened not only because of fast heart work.
Moreover, the big standard poodle is prone to have different diseases connected to bones and stomach aching, though toy poodle rarely suffers from these illnesses. They can introduce one interesting fact about age and pounds. It is easy to calculate your dog life length knowing the fact that putting on 4.4 pounds (or 1.99 kilos) can take a month of poodle’s life. Being aware of this, we can come to the conclusion that a six-pound poodle outlives nine-pound one by month.
Remember, there are always some exceptions to the rules. No one knows what to expect from life.

Life span for poodle species

The average toy and miniature poodle’s life length is more or less fifteen years.
Standard poodle can live approximately twelve years and Klein or moyen poodle life durance is about thirteen years.
Considering this information, toy and miniature poodles’ life length is due to be identical, although standard and Klein or moyen poodle lags behind at this rate.
In spite of this data, different-sized poodles can live up to twenty years. Moreover, there are proofed facts about poodle which life continued from 1908 till 1937. Miracles happened.

Main mortality causes

For over twenty years the University of Georgia had been doing a research highlighting the sources of 74 000 dog fatal situations independently from species. The outcome is as follows.

Species Main mortality cause Mortality cause Mortality cause
Toy poodle Neurology 16.1% Traumatic 11.7% Cancer 11.4%
Miniature poodle Neurology 13.9% Cancer 18.5% Traumatic 10.8%
Standard poodle Gastrointestinal 16.7% Cancer 27.1% Trauma 10.1%

Soundness question

Health has great impact on poodle development. Some illnesses that usually work on poodle species are listed below. Admittedly, they do not cause death.
Addison’s illness is dangerous unless you do not provide proper treatment in time.
Standard poodles tend to suffer from gastric dilatation volvulus AKA bloat. Do not despair when this diagnosis is given to your dog. Mind you, keeping an eye on your pet’s nutrition, exercise and being aware of this disease early symptoms can save your poodle from death.

Thyroid question

Toy poodles are prone to suffer from tracheal collapse. This illness is not lethal but, all in all, may lead to organism dysfunction. You have to be aware of at least diseases names your pet may suffer. It is Cushing’s disease, sebaceous adenitis, juvenile renal disease, hip dysplasia. Here are some common ailments, such as epilepsy, bladder stones, cancer and trauma.

Traumatic wound

poodle in a scarfTrauma is a very common cause for dog death. Any lethal wounds are considered to be trauma. There are three kinds of lethal injuries for poodles.

First of all, it is trauma made with obtuse instrument. It is not necessary to have a knife stabbing to be dead. Hitting by vehicle is enough. Slipping down the stairs may cause the same outcome. This cause of death is quite preventive but, still, 10% dog deaths are because of these blameless reasons.

Secondly, we are the cause of dogs mortality. It is because of being inattentive. We can step on it, drop it or even sit! Without any hesitation, this cause of death is avoidable.

At last, a third element of this structure is fighting with another canine.
Need to admit that cancer affects all three poodle species.

Do you want your poodle to have a careless and long life? See to it!

What a pity that the dog in our life is only a moment. Pet’s death always wound all members of the family. Still, there is a way out to make your dog’s life longer and happier. You can start to use these tips from the very beginning of its life and you see the result.

Feed well

poodle's long lifeGood nutrition is a key to long life and good mood. Forget about semi-products and low-quality food because it is hard for your dog to digest. All in all, we cannot eliminate your dog from contaminants digestion. By the way, some of them are legal and can be gathered in your dog’s stomach during its life. Bacterial toxins can easily adjust to living in an animal organism. Who is to blame for it? Doubtlessly, those, who participate in producing canned food. Animals’ body slaughtered for the sake of food are not delivered in time to the rendering plant. As a result, Salmonella and E. Coli contamination is inevitable.

Processing is thought to kill this bacteria, but endotoxins are not thoroughly demolished. Consequently, we have low-quality dog canned food. Mould or fungi causes mycotoxins. Chemical residues are allowed to use in dog food. It concerns grains with large amount of fertilizers and pesticide residue.
We completely forget about Genetically modified plant products (GMO for short). Liver and kidney damage are frequent results of long consumption of these products. Chemical substance preventing food from decaying is inseparable ingredience mostly in all dog food. Using it is comfortable because it can be kept on the shelf near the year. Be aware of butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA for short) and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT for short), propylene glycol and ethoxyquin which danger exceed standards. These antioxidants have high toxicity level, low safety level. Read more information about their interactions and their normal amount in pet foods. There is a question why propylene glycol is forbidden in cat food but it is still allowed in dog food.
It is really worth to steer clear from canned food substituting it to home cooked one. Provide your dog with good nutrition containing life-giving elements.

Water is vital

Take into consideration the water quality given to your dog. It seems to be not so important but it really is. Decrease amount of water drunken from the kitchen tap. Use filtering system to avoid drinking contaminated water. It will save both you and your dog general body condition.

Clean teeth

Have you cleaned your poodle’s teeth? The reason to do this is to save teeth, avoiding their damaging and getting rid of bad bacterium which can flow into blood stream when the decaying tooth fall out. Serious problems can wait for your dog health then.

Do not forget about exercise

poodle and the nippleTrain your pet. Soundness is rooted in movement. Sitting activity is not for dogs. So they will be glad to train their bones with ball or stick in the park or somewhere else. But do not overdo with it. Track your dog not to be dehydrated or cold during the long walk. Mind the toy poodle bone fragility. As a consequence, excessive jumping can lead you to joint problems. Regular exercise is vital for your pet. Its body is hardened so is psychological health.
Its curbed energy is set free and dog is more elated and careless. The dog is more obedient and well-trained after everyday walks.
Importantly that gaining regular exercise helps avoid serious health troubles such as stroke, heart disease, cancer, arthritis and obesity.

Remember about the vet

Keep in mind to visit a doctor not only when your dog is disabled to move or something like that. Just for the sake of preventive methods. Remember, a huge amount of dogs death is caused by delaying vet visits.
And do not hesitate about seeing a vet even if you are not sure about the sign. You are responsible for your pet and your duty is to help your dog.
Make a vet visiting schedule for the year ahead and stick up to it. But when the dog health is getting worse, do not wait for the next day in your calendar calculated by you. You are free to listen the other doctor’s opinion, if your vet conclusion generates doubts.

Spaying and neutering

Unsexing is debating topic. Nevertheless spaying can reduce developing ovarian and breast cancer probability and neutering done by the age of six month decrease developing testicular cancer. A newspaper report claims that dogs from the state which boast about the huge amount of unsexed canines have the longest lives.
Neutered male dogs outlive unfixed dogs by 18%, while spaying female dog outlives unspaying one by 23%.

Preventing Hoove Together

Hoove is extremely dangerous for standard poodles. It was proved that it is partly because of genes. All in all, good owners should provide proper feeding and exercise for their pets. And, also, cautions and precautions are compulsory.

Avoid traumatic wounds

According to the University of Georgia research trauma is the main cause of death. Consider about avoiding it whenever it is possible. Keep him on the leash if he is away from home. It is rule you and your children should stick to. Dogs always want to reach dangerous places. Being attentive is your prioritized task.

Will you say goodbye to your sore dog?

Only a quarter of dogs pass away while sleeping. It makes sense to calculate that 75% of dogs leave this world unwillingly. It is a complicated topic and decision to make your dog forcefully sleep is made mainly because of bad quality of life. Sometimes it is better to release your dog and let it sleep peacefully that seeing its pain.

For you to remember

Never forget that you are responsible for your pet and that you are it’s the best friend ever. You are free to have a lot of dogs but you will be the only one owner for your dog. Try to give him a good impression of a human being.