Read our advice on taking care of your senior poodle.

Every dog becomes an adult at different age. Still, useful information below will tell you more about dog aging. Mostly, life cycle depends on dog’s body proportion. Due to this fact, toy poodle and minis get old when they are eight or nine years old while standard poodle is quite old at the age of seven. Despite all the examination results, nine-year old dog is really ancient! However, do not be so alarmed for your dog life. The aging process is individual and rather stagnant. The way you can control and maintain your pet soundness is to have it examined biannually. The aging symptoms described below make it easier for you to define the problem and, simultaneously, give the solution to the problem.

Less of activity

poodle sit on the wood boxReducing your poodle activity should make you feel uneasy. In fact, what can happen in a day or two. But you can put it off until it is late to do something about this problem. Here is some clarification on this point. Problems with your pet ascenting, taking considerable time steps, unconfidenced descending steps and unwillingness to play its favorite game should lead you right away to a vet. Even though we have a lot of treatment methods, do avoid self-treatment. The symptoms mentioned above are similar to what we call arthritis. It is a kind of disease that makes movement unbearable painful. See to physical exercises for your pet. Obviously, it needs some sports equipment to train their bones. Do not forget about superior pet bed made special for those who suffer from this disease.

There is nothing strange in eyesight deterioration and losing hearing when the animal is getting older. First of all, keep in mind to maintain usual order in which you do things and which things usually happened at your home. You will do your pet a big favor.
Secondly, use your voice and arms to say something to your poodle. Here is a little tip, start doing this when your dog is not absolutely deaf. It helps him get used to this way of communication. Thirdly, do not forget that you can scare it when you come up from its back.


It is a well-known statement that with age gray hair comes. It is the law of nature and human inventions are useless there. Admittedly, do not forget about taking care of the dog’s appearance keeping its hair and skin clean. Use skin care and hair conditioner to look after your old pet.

Behavior alteration

when the dog ages

The old dog is very sensitive to changes in its life.  It is good to him when you are side by side. Basically, you cannot be always with your pet. Nevertheless, the animal can feel desperate and lonely. You can help him if you leave it with a means of communication, such as television or radio. By the way, you could ask somebody to sit with your dog when you are away from home. Actually, it would be a great substitute. There is one more way out, to get a new puppy for it to take care. On the other hand, we never know its reaction to this little surprise. A senior dog becomes vulnerable to loud noises. Despite the fact that it was quite alright for it to hear them years ago, now it is anxious about them. Thus, take it into account and try to eliminate all the sounds your dog does not like. There can be a different situation with your old dog. Sometimes the dog, allegedly sticking to the house rules, begins to violating them unintendedly. Do not think that it is its idleness or something like that. It is aging that affect the dog behavior. It may be a urinary tract infection that causes these unpleasant things on your expensive rug. Now you can help your dog with pampers or other cloths which can help to save the dog’s independence. If this has happened, it is urgent for you to contact a vet.

Maintaining old dog’s soundness

Old ages are perfect for developing various illnesses. It is essential to monitor it and it is possible to cure most of them. With the ages animal activity is decreasing, so it is likely for them to be overweight. If you choose the best products for feeding and prefer home cooking you will avoid this problem. Taking care of dog teeth is crucial during the whole life durance. It becomes extremely vital at older ages. Inflammation around the teeth is a common disease among old dogs. Remember, poodles tend to have their teeth damaged. Clean your pet’s teeth every day and do not ignore visiting a dentist. Our life is extremely intensive nowadays. Despite this fact, try to crave a minute for your poodle, it appreciate your attention. And look more closely for the symptoms you have never noticed before. It can prevent your dog from disease. Remember, forwarned is forarmed.