Poodle’s Behavior: Why poodles are the worst and best?

Find out what your poodle's behaviour can tell you. Poodle temperament or people talking on why poodles are the worst. Are they?

Here you can read about poodles’ behavior particularities and how to deal with them. You have already noticed that poodles are great, smart and attached to their owners. According to this it is quite consequent to think about dog feelings. The statistic says that poodles are among the smartest species in the world. They are known for their extrovertive character features. They feel extremely comfortable being amidst people. In this article we can come to know about poodles’ individual character features. And then it would be easier for you to decide whether there is a reason to worry about this strange behavior.

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Poodles can give you plenty of companionship, but will demand the same amount of it from you. Let’s talk about what to expect from these beautiful dogs.

Slumber: Weird Things Poodles Do

Small dogs – it is hard to believe, but small puppies dedicate almost all their life to sleeping. They sleep whenever it is possible for approximately twenty hours a day. This sleeping demand usually declines with age. Do not be surprised when your puppy sleeps fifteen minutes roughly speaking and is very lively after this dozing.

Poodles in their adolescence – one-year dog poodle sleep lasts for thirteen hours. Adult poodles have already adapted to your schedule to have a great time together. Keep in mind that taking naps is absolutely normal for your pet, especially when they are home alone. They are bored being on their own, so the best way out is to sleep. As a consequence, if your poodle is home alone for a long time, its slumber lasts for three hours more.

General Poodle Behavior Observed: Poodle temperament

a good poodle

Poodle’s growth is accelerated. Sometimes you can have a feeling that you have missed some important phase in its life. There is not you to blame. It happens just because of the poodle’s fast evolution. Be aware that some important character features can stay with your dog during its whole life. Bad habits are included as well. So, if you want to get rid of them, you must work on these. Here you can read about what we call standard behavior for each life stage and solutions to the behavior problem.

Circus you Might Have with Puppies: Happy Breed

The Hyper Poodle Puppy – it is the phase which lasts ten months roughly speaking. If your god is extremely active, there is no need to worry for you. They are ready to play during the whole day, discover something new to them and be in the movement all the time. You should remember that puppies are prone to take everything into their mouth. It does not matter whether they have teeth or do not. Get rid of dangerous subjects around your house and teach your dog commands.

The Clingy Poodle – there are diffident self-conscious dogs which prefer being near you or alone rather than run away, jump and investigate the surroundings. It may bring harm to your pet when it is an adult.

The Overstirred Poodle – despite the age, the poodle may become stirred. Evaluation of this possibility depends. When it is hard for dogs to manage their temporary loneliness, it is usually called separation anxiety. Frequently, after long-time being home alone dog feels your presence, attention and care, a dog cannot control its urine. To call a spade a spade, whatever our love to pet big was, we cannot be next to them all the time. So, read more about separation anxiety. It will come in handy for you.

So why Poodles are the Worst?

Of course they are not. But poodle owners must know not only about possible health issues, allergies, and preferable types of the dog food. You must be prepared that this specific dog breed has a character. It is one of the smartest dog breeds, but it needs attention, positive reinforcement and obedience training. If you are ready to love and dedicate some of your time to your Poodle, you will have the best dog in the world.

But less hopes, and more things you should know beforehand.

happy poodle photoTo chew Something? No problem. – you are acquainted with a dog’s chewing ability we cannot control all the time. You should curb its desire to taste everything it sees and let him investigate the surroundings simultaneously. Be aware, there can be a hard time for you when your dog has its first teeth.

Pinching – you should explain to your pet that pinching is an unsuitable habit. If it has to deal with you, it is normal because you are ready for it and you know what to expect. But if it deals with an unknown company or, even worse, with little kids, you can have a real problem. Having nipping puppies is okay. It is their kind of game. Moreover, their strength is so weak that nipping can be even a kind of pleasure. It does not go the same for adult dogs. So, you should read more about temperament.

Snarling – puppies and adult poodle snarling are so different. Puppies do this mostly for the sake of the game. But if you underestimate a grown-up dog’s duties or its place in the house, you can hear an aggressive snarling. It is vital for you to know how to cope with the problem.

Coprophagia – the other name is eating feces. It is a wide-spread problem, but the solution to this is not the same for each species. Look it up to know more about the cause and the solution to this weird behavior.

Bad mood – this problem does not depend on age, weight or something else. The reason for this and the actual tips to avoid it read here.

Are Poodles Aggressive? How can you Help?

Standard poodle can show aggressiveness, yes. But you always need to know what causes such a reaction. For example, one of the most known poodle breed characteristics is being very, and we mean it, – very affectionate. From there comes protectiveness. And jealousy sometimes. Even during playtime, with other family members they can be carried away a bit.

Other possible causes – stress or negative mental stimulation. If you notice any signs of aggression – just consider talking to your vet or the breeder. They may come up with a simple solution.

Poodle personality and trainability

Trick training, canine sport, obedience or agility training – they can do it all. The poodles are known to be highly intelligent, so there is no surprise that they respond great to daily exercises. The key here is regular exercises. They will learn new commands very quickly, but remember about the positive reinforcement and regularity. Talk to a reputable breeder or veterinarian in your area – are there any poodle clubs around? Can they suggest a training program to you? It is always best to listen to professionals first.

Oh, if there is any chance to include some water in your exercises – that would be a fun time for your Poodle, as they are water dogs after all.

Remember, positive mental stimulation is your second key when having a poodle around. They are quite a show-off, they love being praised, so do that, when they deserve it.

Poodle Characteristics: Stimulation and Socialization

Let’s find three words that describe Poodles. Affectionate, intelligent, high-energy. Oh, and a bit of drama queens, but that is another story. All Poodle varieties tend to need socialization and lots of care. Not only on the mental level, but physically too. You need to think about clipping, matting problem skin conditions or even hair loss. But it won’t be a problem as soon as you find a professional groomer. The reward is huge – a loving, playful dog that will care for you.

Do Miniature Poodle or Standard Poodles bark?

All dogs bark. The question is – how loud, how often and what makes them do so. You need to understand why your friend is burking and react to it. The most common causes – being left alone, being scared by cars, thunder or new people in the house. In all of those cases the solution is simple – socialization training and calm affection. Another common cause – boredom. Again, the solution is simple – understand why and suggest some playtime together.

Are Poodles Good with Kids?

We all know this question. The answer can be yes and no. They are lovable and loving, they can entertain a kid as long as you won’t be able to. But they can also be snappy, can get tired and most of all – start feeling they are being deprived of your attention. Just control the dog as it comes in contact with the children and give it some time to adapt.

French Pup in America: how do they adapt?

Do Poodle characteristics differ in various countries? Poodles are Poodles and we love them. We are lucky to have lots of reputable breeders that brought these elegant dogs to our area. Now you only need to gain some basic knowledge on Poodles behavior, Grooming and Health, so you come prepared. Find a new friend to love.