Poodles bark not just because they want to, they have a real cause to do this. Here you can read more about this and understand reasons why your poodles bark and what they want to tell you by it.

The common knowledge is that all dogs despite their age, size or weight are barking. They give their voice not just because they want to, they have a real cause to do this. The only way to put an end to undesirable barking is to realize the dog motive. Then you solve this problem double-quick. Here you can read more about this and probably you can find a lot of useful information to cease this excessive barking.

Impulsive barking

When your dog is enforced to bark by someone or something, we as a rule call it impulsive or trigger barking. Usually leaving your dog home alone, having some new people in your home or drawing your pet’s attention by animate or inanimate objects are wide-spread reasons for giving voice. Barking also depends on the weather. Pouring rain, showers or thunder storming are very often guided by dog voice.  In other words, only your work and teaching your dog can help finding out the right way out of this problem.

poodle_smileBy the way, the problem closely connected with leaving home alone refers to separation anxiety. You can read more about it to know how to deal with this serious problem.

Violent reaction to new social object such as people or cars need to be curbed. So pay attention to your dog’s communication with another object of the society. You can help him a lot getting rid of its inferiority complex and making his self-appraisal more higher. You will see considerable changes in its demeanor. There is one clause, train your pet, teach him well. That is all. It is very easy to solve this problem.

To only way to avoid excessive barking is to unobtrusively subject your dog to the cause of barking. But you should do it very slowly for the dog to not notice it. For you as an owner is very important to stay persistent after one training trial. Always remember about your result you want to achieve. Do not forget about rewards when everything goes as you have planned. It is important for your pet and works as encouragement.    

The easiest way to react to your dog’s action in an inappropriate way for you is, of course, to shout at your pet. The most interesting fact is if you want to really teach your dog to socialize well is disregarding its negative demeanor.

The explanation to this is any attention given to your dog is not taken by them as we want. They just do not perceive what we mean. And any human reaction is equal as an appraisal. Considering the fact that poodles love people very much, they appreciate human talking. All in all, do not say a word when you want your dog to stop giving their voice without any reason.

But this ignoring method does not work when it is about the weather conditions. Dogs’ high sensitivity to the weather cause violent reaction to this, so we can hear a dog barking very often. It may be as a weather prediction for us but for the owners barking is a sign to do something about it.

You can read why dogs have violated reaction to high sounds and lightening not depending on their origin below.

Lightening outburst (flashes) makes dogs feel anxious and losing the control over the situation. It is like alarming for them, so they express they worry through loud voice.

Are you afraid of thunder sounds? I suppose, it is quite a bit scary. And can you realize how terrible it is for such sensitive creature as the dog. Have you ever heard the sound of the real wind? It is quite mysterious. But it is rather disturbing for dogs. High hearing sensitivity is vulnerable even for rain dropping. Dogs have some troubles with bearing these atmospheric precipitation. Sometimes we can predict the weather. We feel it in our bones, headache, sleepiness or elsewhere. Imagine how terrible it is for a dog which is extremely vulnerable to the weather changes.

Obviously, you cannot always be with your dog and teach it. But it can deal with it on its own without any problems. Basically, just let your dog listen to the sounds he reacts more violently on a  record. Eventually, your pet simply gets used to these sounds and be more condescending to them. You can buy it at the book stores. Commonly, people buy it to struggle with insomnia.

If your poodle is fearless, why does it bark?

barking dog

Have you ever thought about the dog’s mission? Of course, it is guarding. Despite weight or age your poodle usually gives a voice when see some changes. Its reaction to cars or new people in your house can be more or less stormy. Poodle pointless reaction to this can be explained that it sees danger everywhere.

You can solve this problem proving that you are not in danger saying appropriate words and doing the same actions. Your dog knows by heart what you think using this or that gesture. The only advice for you is to show no perturbation and, as a result, your dog is quiet as well.

Naturally, you are trying to stop barking by drawing a lot of attention to him. You do all your best to shut down your dog. This, consequently, does not make your guests are at ease. They start to worry and get moving a lot so that it gives the dog feeling that his barking is justified.

The dog is gifted with the ability to stand up for themselves and this is very useful feature. Having dogs own possession is vital for them and they are ready to fight for it or to bark, to be exact. Usually, it is a dog bowl for a meal that causes barking. No matter whether there is something to eat or not.

If you stick up to some rules you will not hear undesirable barking. You do not even imagine that there is you to blame for this barking. Have you constantly kept a dog’s bowl in the same place? Have you never wondered around your pet while it eats? Have you ever enjoyed and pictured your little puppy process of eating? So there is the reason why dogs need to protect its valuable possession.

Food is essential to your dog, so be sure that you let your dog eat not disturbing it. Try to avoid the huge amount of people causing noise while your dog eats.

Concerning the toys, some poodles despite their age or sex are very attached to them during the whole their life. They can look after them, so do not be surprised about it. Do not pay attention to this, it can pass with time. Be aware your dog tends to aggressively defend it.

Wash your dog’s toys at least once in a fortnight. It is an appropriate time to do it while your dog is asleep or away from home. It is a good idea to have a special box for these toys. Every member of your house should know that they are poodle’ belonging. Anyway, if you want to use of these toys for outdoor-oriented games, be aware that you should keep them separate from usual toys.

Cute yawning poodleIf you hear unstopping barking, you should think about the dog’s psychology condition. People may feel loneliness and what about the dog? Surely, they are too. Socialize your pet and provide it with toys. Remember, there cannot be a lot of toys. Here is a useful and economical tip for you. Divide its toy into several divisions, so that every two weeks it can have a new portion of the toys. Keep in mind about its colorfulness and interactivity while choosing toys.

As a rule, barking dogs want to say how glad they are. They are in a high mood. It usually does for little puppies. When their rate of happiness is exceeded in height, they can be wet. There is nothing to do but wait till it passes. This problem disappears with the poodle development.

When you come back home after a long time being away, you can notice some elements of craziness in your senior dog’s behavior.

The reaction to your returning home is different depending on age. Entering home is set-off for barking. You should constantly make such surprising acts for your dog to make it get used to them and no longer outburst with energy.

The real way-out is to deliberately pay no attention to it for a while. Doubtlessly, it is hard to do, but, as we know, the aim justifies the means. Make your daily routines for a couple of minutes while your dog draws your attention by barking. You can hug your pet when you see him getting bored or even indifferent with all this stuff.

Barking at night

It is a very topical problem both for you and for your neighbors. Teach your dog that method of drawing attention by giving a voice is failing You have already done all your owner’s duties for your dog before sleeping and you have all the toys next to your poodle but the barking does not stop. What to do then? The only thing you can do is say something calming to your dog or do not pay attention to barking. When your dog barks violently, it is better for you to put it in your room. The trick is that your dog tends to repeat all your movements. So if you lie down and have a rest there is a high probability that your pet does the same.