Separation anxiety

Find out how your dog can feel when left home alone and how to cope with separation anxiety.

This problem can really disturb your peace. This part of information is dedicated to investigating how your dog can feel leaving home alone. The definition “separation anxiety” is for dogs which have some difficulties with being alone even for an hour, it goes without saying about difficulties causes being home alone for about five hours. This problem has nothing to do with age. Puppies may get rid of this problem when they are grown-up while the latter can easily acquire this fear with time.

The separation anxiety signs

When you cannot fall asleep because your dog is barking continuously, when you raise your eyebrows because of your dog strange conduction, when it feels melancholic and sad, when you notice negative crazy reaction to your home leaving and positive crazy reaction to your returning or when your dog forget to visit the toilet room in time and make everything wet when you arrive, you should be on the alert.

How to help your poodle?

poodle alone

Here are some facts, knowing which you can train your dog being home alone without any hesitation. It is very easy to calculate the exact time your pet is allowed yo be alone, which does not bring any damage to your pet. See, two-month dog is allowed to be on its own for two hours, thus three-month puppy can manage with loneliness for three hours and so on. So, one-year old dog can be left home alone for twelve hours, the time you should be at work. If you teach your pet gradually, it will really help avoid the problem with separation anxiety.

It is easy to agree that leaving your work because of your pet is an insane idea, so you should adjust your dog to the circumstances being in which both you and your pet feel comfortable. The only way-out is using a special box for pets called crate. Honestly, it is kind of the scornful attitude to your pet if you are going to keep there your poodle for half of the day. Forget about the myth that your poodle does not let its urine out inside this cage. Basically, this is not the only reason why not to leave your poodle there for a long time being. Realize the size of stress you can endanger your pet. There can be different circumstances and you should think about how to make your pet feel comfortable at home without being in a cage. Simply, you can turn the TV or radio on. Before leaving check the volume and dog acceptance of this kind of entertainment. Check your dog whether it likes being near the window watching the world outside. If it is, why do not toy place its seat near the window. Do not economize on light. Remember that lighter house is more friendlier that darker one.

Leaving and coming back

Cute puppyThe bigger your mistake you do before leaving is  the long farewell accompanied with kisses and hugs. It is absolutely normal thing for us, but not for a dog. They understand this as a real goodbye. This is why their reaction to your arriving to work is tragical for your poodle.

Help your pet be on its own. Forget about this terrible habit of long farewell. And when you leave, be sure you have provided your dog with all it needs, including food, water, tv. Twenty minutes to your leaving you should dedicate to setting up for your poodle. Be calm, so it would be, do not pay its attention to your leaving, let it be busy with toys, do not say anything, any word said by you may be as a sign for panic.

It is important to keep to at least one of these methods if you want to succeed in this. By the way, you can ask your friends to walk your pet when you are away from home. In any case, you can hire a special person for it. It does not cost an arm and a leg.

Long time absence

Your pet is glad having somebody who looks after it while you are not home for more than nine hours. It is a great stress for your dog being alone at night. Even if it has everything it needs. Keep in mind, there may be serious accidents happen while you are away. There is a great opportunity for your pet to be under control as there is nobody to look after it called a pet hotel. But if you have the ability to avoid to use this service, do it.