Teething and chewing problem

Find out what to do when your poodle starts teething and chews everything it gets it's claws on.

There are some problems for each developmental stage. For example, you can find your footwear or magazines chewed because you have at home pet no matter what age it is. But senior dog and puppy do it for a different purpose. Puppy, for example, is a really noisy parker. Thus thing scattered here and there in your apartment is a matter of curiosity and world investigation. As for grown-up poodles the same action can be explained by means of missing. Chewing things helps the poodle bide its time when you are not at home. All in all, there is always way out how to help your pet.


Despite being edentate puppies do not lose the opportunity to mouthing something. It is called world examination. You should understand that you are powerless against the nature that created puppies this way. You can do nothing about forbidding your dog chewing, but there are a lot of methods of how to limit this desire.

One of them is to limit your dog access to the dangerous subjects. Eliminate all tiny detail which your dog can inhale by accident. If you constantly complain about chewed shoes, why do not hide them for your dog not to notice. You should do some changing at your home for your money and your dog health sake. Just take away all dangerous, easily-torn and easily-damaged subjects from your poodle eyeshot. It will be more economical for you and more saver for poodle. This is how you can be predictable and help your dog forget about chewing since it does not see any appropriate for this subject.

When teeth cut

Four months of poodle life are devoted to cutting teeth. Four-month puppy can have all eight flat teeth in front of its mouth (incisors). Then the teeth start growing in. Puppy in its six months has the large teeth at the back of the mouth. They are useful for breaking up food and called molar. Eight-month puppy has all its teeth. But always remember about exceptions. Some poodle’s teeth are prone to cut much later.

A good toy can be a solution

poodle and good toy

Do not limit your poodle for chewing while its teeth cutting. It is very disturbing period in its life. It is better for you to buy toys. Puppy can use it instead of your possession without any limits. Thoroughly choose the toys for your poodle. Do not fall for cheap prices, variety of color or fancy structure. Your dog does not like it.

While buying pay attention whether it can react to biting, for example, make movement or noise. If your pet is interested in receiving a treatment for chewing, this toy is specially made for your dog. Toy made with different material is really useful for dog. And, doubtlessly the size is important. It should be neither big nor small for a dog’s mouth to fit in.    

Allowed chewing should be stimulated

When there is nothing to bite or chew at your home, the desire to do it usually disappears. You can drop your pet a hint about chewing the toys you have bought for it. Who is against new things? Nobody. So, the tip for you is to divide all the toys into two groups and every week change them. This is the way your pet will never be bored with toys. Keep in mind that its favorite toy should be within reach. You can invent a game for your dog when it is not interested in toys. You can hide its toy in the room and ask your dog to search for it. This is how good entertainment can be provided for your pet.

Your poodle has to know the word “No”. If it chews something it should not, your strong denial phrase should clear up the situation. You can change this unidentified object into its toy. Do not forget about reward for taking toy. Give it understand that you think it does well when chewing toy.

When it is too obstinate and does not obey your commands, draw its attention by raising your voice and changing the manner of your speech.

If your limbs or furniture are suffering from being chewed, try to use sour spray to decrease the dog’s desire to chew it. By the way, there are a lot of deterrents.

Chewing based on separation anxiety

Your dog can spoil things while you are away to show its boredom. It has just invented the way how to bite its time. To avoid ruining things you should limit its access to them while its toys should be available. In addition, you must win a fight against separation anxiety.