Having a poodle is a great responsibility, it needs a lot of care. Find out useful tips and advice that are suitable for poodles of any age.

You know that having a poodle is a great responsibility. You should realize that it needs a lot of care. If you know your step by step actions “What to do in case of …”, it will be definitely easier for you. Therefore, caring steps are like a habit or everyday routine for you. If you do this all the time, eventually it will take less time for you to care. By the way, you do not always know where to draw the line at taking care. For you not to be very scary about this new responsibility here are some words of useful care advice. They are suitable for dogs of any age.

It is recommended to give superior food

Feeding your dog only with good food is like a gift for now and for its entire life. Some food brands can delude you with its naming, advertisements and special offers. Do not buy for it. Pay attention to its ingredients. Make sure there is not any synthetic chemical materials dangerous for health and even life.

Be careful with fillers. They make dog’s food bigger without nourishment. It seems that your pet must have been full eating it but in a half an hour it is hungry again.

Byproduct is the other root of the evil. It is product unsuitable for human but for dogs it can go if it is masked. Obviously, it is undesirable for your dog to eat it.

So it is better to buy food estimated with five stars (four stars will go too) without any ingredients mentioned above. If you do not know what to choose, be sure, your dog will taste Orijen with a big pleasure.

It is recommended to have carefully snack-treating

poodle eat tasty

Snacks are very important for your dog. They take roughly twenty percent of dog daily meal, so we should be picky in choosing quick meal. It is a wide-spread fact that manufactures do the snacks using a lot of chemicals your dog can be allergic to.

To sum it up, makers do their job well. They sell their products making them very attractive for buyers. Your dog devours it in a moment and you buy more because your pet likes it. Remember about the damage which brings this meal.

The only right way out is to keep balance at what you are feeding your dog. Give it more fruits and vegetables and sometimes snacks.

After all, if you buy these products, make sure they are made in the USA or North America. Canada, by the way, is also good manufacturer. Look for those without any coloring and preservatives.        

It is recommended to give good water

water for poodle

It is vital to be sure you give your pet enough high-quality water.

Giving too little water can lead your dog to serious troubles such as an emotional disorder, lost concentration and terrible headache. Dogs do not know their normal amount of water they should drink. It is you who help it to drink a sufficient amount of water. Remember, if not, your dog’s organism suffers from dehydration.

Although, the amount of water you should give your dog depends a lot on how active your dog is, how old it is, how sound it is and what is the weather outside is. As a rule, eight ounces (one cup) are completely enough for 10 pounds of  the dog’s body. You can make it bigger in two when it is hot outside. For instance, five-pound toy poodle needs four ounces or half of the cup of water per day, but in the summer the amount of water should rise into two. A fifteen-pound miniature poodle will drink twelve ounces or one and a half cups per day, it should be doubled in the summer. A sixty-pound standard poodle will drink forty-eight ounces or six cups a day.

Think twice before giving your dog tap water. There are a lot of dangerous chemicals here, which threat to have all kinds of disease. These chemicals are allowed because they are absolutely safe for healthy adults, not for small children or pets. As dogs drink water only, to drink or not to drink from  the tap is a really difficult question. It is wrong to think that dogs know better what to drink. Remember, we always endanger our dog to different diseases, giving them tap water.

Talking about how to teach your dog to drink proper water, you can show its water dish or offer a dog water fountain (it is more attractive). Do not forget about the water while you are walking. Maintain your dog’s dish clean and fill with water. If you want to be more sure about tap water, use filter using which you can clean water from substances that spoil tap water.

It is recommended to have a nice bowl

It seems to be niceties, but the bowl is significant because of the material, type, size and the amount of meal your dog can devour play an integral role. Avoid plastic as it causes various allergies. Choose stainless steel or ceramic, although the latter can easily be broken. It is important for the dog to have floor level dishes. This will help to avoid having a distended stomach. Watch the bowl size. It should be comfortable for your dog to eat. If your dog does not know its measure or is prone to eat too quickly, the bowl may help it with this. There are a huge amount of bowls with a slow-feeder which can do this easily.

Watch your dog safety

seatbelt pooodle

You can avoid a lot of injuries and health problems knowing some recommendations. Choking, stomach problems, wounds because of falling or tripping over are very popular. Watch your dog not to swallow the objects. Remember, they mouth the subjects for the sake of curiosity. Talking about the injuries, a twenty-year study by the University of Georgia proved that most of the lethal cases for puppies causes trauma. But this is avoidable.

Your actions for your pet safety may be as follows:

Make your house safe for your dog. Watch your dog not to fall because of scattered items. Hide all the electrical cords. See for your dog not to take dangerous items under your sofa, armchair and so on.

Limit access to dangerous places for puppies, but never do it for seniors since they may be deluded by it.

Buy childproof locks for your chest of drawers. This way you protect your dog from undesirable consequences and your stuff from being spoiled.

Release your poodle off the leash only when you are absolutely sure that everything is in order and your dog will never have an accident. You may think this way being only in closed area.

Most of the deadly traumatic injuries include one getting in the car. Here is our next advice.

It is recommended to have a safe road journey

Do you usually use a car? Definitely, you should know what to do to make your trip, even short-distanced, safe. Car accidents happen more often that you think. One hundred people die in a car accident in a day only in the USA. Can you imagine the terrific number for a year?

We take our dogs with us but we do not know how to properly protect them. Look what kind of danger your dog have while you are driving.

Ten-pound dog suffer a two-hundred pound crash force having a road journey at 20 MPH

Thirty-pound dog suffer a one-thousand two-hundred pound crash force having a road journey at 40 MPH

Forty-pound dog suffer a two-thousand pound crash force having a road journey at 50 MPH

The only way out is to have your dog restrained by a safety belt.

You can also offer your dog a booster canine car seat. It is suitable for small dogs to be in safe. These seats can also prevent your dog from road sickness and other problems may happen in a car.

A car safety belt is the best for an adult standard poodle. There are a lot of opportunities to make your journey easier. For example, you can chain your poodle harness with seat belt and it does not take long to unchain it. You can choose another variant, such as a harness and connector together.

It is recommended to do good exercise

a poodle and a ball

Physical development is vital for your dog. It helps your dog to maintain good health and make its life much longer. You can prevent your dog from having canine diabetes and cancer. Doing exercise help your dog get rid of excessive energy, thus your poodle behavior is improving. Having a lot of walking you dog acquires social skills and it is not so vulnerable to other dogs, children or cars. It would be perfect to have a twenty-minute walk twice a day.

You would assume that your super-active puppy being so busy during the whole day does not need any walking. You do not have a point here. Remember walking outside is rather different than playing in the apartment.

You can make a schedule for your mutual walks and exercise. You should probably adjust your schedule to your dog and wake up a bit earlier. Pay attention to the weather. Buy some clothes for your dog in case of cold days.

Do not forget about paw protection using a paw wax. It prevents your dog from having snow between its toes, protects your dog from having sand, salt and different chemicals in the winter. In the summer it is also useful because it protects paws from being burnt and give enough moisture.

It is recommended to visit a vet every year

Both humans and pets should check their health condition. For older poodle it is recommended to have more visits with geriatric examination. If you catch the illness in its earlier stage, it would be easier and cheaper for you to get rid of it. The vet examines heart beating, lungs work, do screening to find out what the problem is. Prices and stubbornness prevent the owner from having a complete health check-up most of all.

Collect your money for medical checkups. You need approximately two hundred dollars. Keep in view these expenses.

It is recommended to have dental hygiene

teeth brush

Poodles are prone to have teeth problems. Poodle’s teeth need care which saves both its life and teeth. A harmful substance which forms on dogs’ teeth, which bacteria can live and breed in called plaque is hazard both for humans and for dogs. If you do not remove this problem, it affects the teeth and the gum line. Then it is decaying, gingivitis, infection on stage and problems in senior age.

It is a mistake to think that teething problems is not actually the problem. Remember, chewing toys are not enough. You can make its life longer if you care about its teeth. There are three main steps to follow.

It is obligatory for you to brush your dog’s teeth. Ideally, once a day for three minutes. Choose a good toothpaste and toothbrush.

Treat your dog with Greenies or something like that. It is good for getting rid of harmful substance which ruin teeth such as plaque and tartar and it also takes care of gums and teeth. Furthermore, it does away with bad breath.

Keep in mind professional cleanings. While the vet is examining your dog’s body, he should examine its mouth as well. The earlier you notice decaying tooth, the best treatment is. X-rays are good for it.

To sum it up,

Nowadays we do not even think that we should do something to maintain our pet’s good sound. All in all, emergency happens, so we read some tips or vet’s recommendation just for preventive methods. Let your dog be happy.