Dental care

This article will help you understand how to take care of the poodle's teeth. We will discover when and how to start, problems you may face and how to solve them.

Teeth are the very first thing you should worry about. Recently there has been a false opinion that the dog takes care of its teeth on its own. Maybe it concerns other dog breed, not poodle. If you will not care about its mouth cavity, the serious diseases are waiting. A harmful substance called plaque forms on your dog’s teeth, where bacteria can live and breed. It grows very quickly destroying the enamel. Then a hard substance called tartar forms on your teeth. It spreads under the gum line, an illness for which called gingivitis (gum inflammation, to simply say). It usually causes periodically inflammation. When this disease boosts, it can spread to the internal parts of the body, through the liver and heart right into the bloodstream. If you do not pay attention to this, the result might be lethal. Loosen damaged tooth falls out very soon. It is kind of painful process and sometimes your dog can have problems with chewing food.

To say something in the memory of fallen out teeth or When your pet’s teeth are misaligned

Most poodles have dental disease at the age of three because of ignoring the teeth problem. As a result dog loses its teeth and its gum lines become very vulnerable. Have you noticed that it is permitted not to have two or three teeth and be a participant of a club. Nevertheless, when your dog does not have three or more it is a real problem. Your dog can be banned on entering these clubs. When your dog teeth form an uneven line, it is a bit different problem. It may be a genetic problem, especially when misaligned bites are not normal size. It may also be a matter of quick growing. Dog’s milk teeth are not spoiled yet, but new teeth have grown already and old teeth need to fall out. You can help the top incisors grow.

A note to remember

Upper permanent teeth grow after the bottom incisors, that is for the teeth best position. Growing simultaneously cause upper and lower teeth crashing. The bite can also be both meshed and protruded. Gently fluctuate the upper incisors when they are loose helping them fall out first. Push on the teeth several times a day, but do it tenderly. Remember, you should not damage the roots. If you see that the roots are steadfast, it is better to push your teeth very gently. If you see that there are not any results in removing your dog’s tooth, please, visit a vet.

When to start brush your poodle teeth?

Two-month old poodle is ready for brushing its teeth. Do not disturb yourself with a difficult task you have. Starting with two months you should train your poodle in brushing. It should not be afraid of toothbrush and must be aware of this process. From the very little age your poodle must know the feelings when its teeth are touched. Also, it must sit calmly while teeth is being brushed. Brushing must be a good habit for your dog as well. Brushing teeth should be an obligatory action for your pet. Teach your very little dog it and you see that there will not be a problem at all for it to stick up to these rules. It is not a problem to teach brushing teeth while it is a little puppy. Having a grown-up at home is a more complicated issue. It has already elaborated habits and if the previous owner has not taught it, it is a great challenge for you. Despite the age and origin, your dog should know the elements of daily hygiene. Here is some useful information about how to teach your dog this procedure and how to provide proper care.

The beginning is always complicated. The way to start

poodle and fingerbrush

You should start the dental care without delay. If your dog is old enough and have not had any teeth brushing, you should take it to the vet to make dental examination.

When the doctor does examination and has the results, you can start the teeth brushing procedure at home. Remember, it is better late than never but never late is better. But it is better to start taking dental care when your poodle is a little puppy. Two-month puppy is easy to teach when it is time to brush its teeth. It is up to you when doing this. All in all, your dog should be aware of this kind of taking care. Think about brushing its teeth right before the walk. Your puppy will think that if it behaves well during this process, it has a great time walking. Try to teach your dog to toothbrush touching. Do not use any substances for this. It will be like a game for your pet at first. It is vital for you to stay calm. Sit on the floor and take your poodle on the lap. Face its belly, make your legs support your dog’s head and your thumb keep your dog’s mouth open. There you can use your nails to clean its teeth. Try to touch all teeth. Do it daily during two minutes at least. Your poodle gives a clue for you when it is time for the next step. Day after day you will notice how its attitude to it changes. One day your dog comes to you and simply shows its teeth for you to clean. Do not forget about tender words and rewards!

When you see that your dog gets used to it, you can show how the toothpaste works. To avoid swallowing the toothpaste, never use your substance. Remember, your dog cannot spit it like humans do. Toothpaste for dog has the meat flavor, so it likes it very much. Do not use a lot of it. Brush it teeth with the help of finger, rubbing each tooth with the paste. Then take some cloth and wipe it off. Your dog usually wants to swallow toothpaste very much. Then it is time to change the means of brushing. Use a dental finger brush. It is more effective but less tender that your finger, so use it very gently. The actions should be the same as with your finger. Use it for two weeks when you understand that you poodle is ready to have a real dog toothbrush. When your dog is ready to complete changes, you can substitute a finger brush to a tooth brush without any hesitation. Choosing it, keep in mind several tips.

  • High standard toothbrushes should be chosen. The size should suit your dog’s mouth. Keep in mind that three-side brushes are good for the dog’s mouth cavity.
  • It is better to have the toothpaste between the bristles, not only on the top of the toothbrush.
  • Keep the toothbrush bent to have an effective cleaning.
  • It is important to start this procedure with the upper teeth.
  • If you are too green in this business, visit poodle special shop

Expert cleanings

You cannot omit professional cleanings despite doing your daily teeth brushing. Home brushing makes your dog’s gums clearer and healthier and keeps its gums from having tarter while professional cleaning helps avoid the plaque. Any problems might be highlighted with the help of x-rays.

By the way, toy and miniature poodles are prone to have more sick teeth than standards. The main problem is cut gums. Antirobe is the antibiotic which may help you to cope. Your poodle’s monthly scraping teeth is really effective methods, but you should do it more often than professional cleaning.

Of course, you have your dog sedated during the professional cleaning. So it is preferable for you to choose home scraping without pain curbing. Though anesthesia is not so dangerous, one can never be too careful.

Warning signs

The most common and dangerous problem for your dog is having damaged tooth full of yellowish liquid. You can prevent the tooth from obsessing knowing some warning signs. Be on the alert if you notice your poodle has red or swollen gums, gum bleeding, wrong shaped tooth is growing, foul breath, a fractured tooth or feels pain while eating.