Poodle Pregnancy

Find out everything you need to know about poodle's pregnancy. Both standard, toy and miniature poodle pregnancy described!

The most wide-spread issue is what pregnancy signs are? All species poodles pregnancy lasts for sixty three days only. An ultrasound scan and x-ray results are not definitely true for approximately a month for the moment puppy’s bones have solid calcium. Thus we do not have enough time for preparation. Here is some useful information about the poodle pregnancy.

Pregnancy symptoms

pregnant poodle photoIf you do not know how to find out whether your poodle is pregnant, here are some misconceptions and true facts. Remember that your female poodle can have babies whatever its age is after its first heat. If you do not spay your poodle, it can have babies without stopping. It does not depend on having a full ‘tie’ or not. You know that it is time for having an ultrasound or an x-ray if you notice its calm behavior, constant desire to rest and rapid stomach increasing.

The stomach becomes solid in a two-week period and larger and rounder in four weeks. Increasing mammary glands is becoming more and more noticeable. Earlier hiding nipples eventually pops out. It looks after itself more carefully. The instinct to have the nest may appear. It can train its mother’s behavior on toys. Cushions and blankets may be also engaged in this occasion to help your dog build a real home. The amount of food your dog consumes will definitely increase. It does not take too much effort to moderate clear discharge in the fourth or fifth week.

How many puppies can a poodle dog get each pregnancy?

Toy poodle can born three puppies in general, while miniature and standard poodle can give birth to six puppies. Remember that it is only statistics. Toy poodle can have from one to five puppies. For example, Canadian standard poodle, Charlie, gave birth to sixteen puppies. Its owner was Deborah Bridgman, a professional dog breeder. Actually, it was the biggest poodle litter. Charlie had twenty-three hour labor and gave birth to ten girls and six boy puppies. All in all, it was not planned breeding. It is proved by the sire Magnum broke through two hedges to be with Charlie while it was in heat.

Looking after a pregnant poodle

You can assure yourself in your poodle pregnancy, having some tests. Having a blood test by day thirty can test your poodle for pregnancy. An ultrasound scan checks a fetal heart beats by day twenty eight. You can follow the amount of fetus grows inside your poodle with the help of an x-ray. It is recommended to do when the unborn puppy’s bones become more firm owing to calcium.

Do not cease everyday exercise despite pregnancy, at the same time avoid intensive physical activity. Walking is good for muscle mass and body shape in general

As a matter of fact, this can prepare your poodle to labor. Being pregnant for two or three weeks your poodle eats more and more, and for the fifth week you need to make its portion bigger in twice. Give your dog only well-balanced and healthy food.

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An egg and a scoop of cottage cheese a day are also good for your pregnant pet. Do not give you pet extra vitamins artificially, through a pill, as it can cause eclampsia, a life-threatening health condition. Make the atmosphere in your house friendly and peaceful for your pet to have a rest. Poodle put on weight while pregnancy. It is thought to be normal to have an extra thirty percent of weigh your poodle have in usual conditions. For instance, an eight-pound toy poodle gain two more pounds and fifty-five pound standard poodle normally gets roughly speaking fifteen pounds.

The process of preparation

black poodles pupiiesToy and miniature poodle are prone to have caesarean section more often than, say, standard one. Nevertheless, most of the deliveries are successful without any difficulties. Remember, one can never be too careful and it is better to be set for everything. You must have a thermometer, sheets, towels or clean newspapers, floss or thread, a suction bulb (for removing liquid out of human babies’ noses), use cardboard box, lined children’s wading pool (for standards) or even a canine bed for whelping box, heating pad is obligatory, have an assistant with you.

When is it time?

Approximately sixty three days are enough for carrying puppies, this can vary. When your dog’s body temperature drops, it is a sign that labor starts in a day. Control it during the week before laboring to be prepared. Use a canine thermometer soiled with a little petroleum jelly. Put this device in the lowest part of its bowel a half of an inch for toys and miniatures and a quarter of an inch for standards. If the device is not digital, keep it in for three minutes.

Remember, normal poodle temperature fluctuates between 101 F and 102.5 F. That is from 38.33 C to 39.17 C.

If your dog’s temperature falls in 100 F, this means that the labor will start in a day and you can devote your time to preparation. It is very crucial not to leave your dog, show this area to eat you have prepared before and limit the male dog access if you have one. If the labor continues longer than 24 hours, call the vet immediately.

Three phases of poodle pregnancy

Phase 1
The cervix dilate and contractions begin. Your dog may suffer from pain during this stage of labor. Your dog can shiver, pace, cry or moan, feel anxiety, sick. Do not feed your dog in case of emergency. If there is a necessity for caesarean section, its stomach must be empty. Still, cool water is permitted. Labor can last from four to eighteen hours.

Phase 2
The puppies are born during this phase. Sometimes a gush of fluids appears first. Amniotic sac keeps each puppy safe after birth. Still, they may be ruined while the puppy goes through the birth canal. Mostly, they stay undamaged till the dam opens it. Do it on your own if it is not done yet. Your poodle bites off the umbilical cord clear breathing passages and stimulate inhaling-exhaling abilities by licking a pup. If your poodle does not do these, the suction bulb comes in handy to clear fluid from newborn’s nasal passages and mouth. You can tenderly rub the chest and back with your finger for breathing stimulation. Puppies can be born simultaneously or with different time intervals from five minutes to an hour. There is not fixed rule that head comes first. Let the labor be a natural process, so do not intervene. Though, when you see that puppy is stuck, you can slightly push it. The placenta, sacs and umbilical cord can be eaten by the dam.

Phase 3
After giving a birth to the puppies, the uterus expels the placenta, blood and fluid placenta.
Only when you are sure that all puppies have already born, you can clean the area without hesitation. Then you can let the puppies enjoy their new life on a clean sheet or blankets. Place a heating pad under the sheet or blanket. Lying on the heating pad should be forbidden. It usually causes some trouble for the blind tiny puppy to find its mum. You can be its own assistant.

Pregnancy problem

Be on the alarm:

  • when the pregnancy length is more than 65 days.
  • when there is not any results during 24-hour labor
  • ineffective strong contractions lasting more than half an hour
  • interval between a first puppy delivered and the second is more than an hour
  • unpleasant fluid discharge smell
  • too much vomit
  • to life energy
  • stress while defecating and too much blood.

After-labor elements

It is necessary to show both the dam and puppies to the vet.
It is considered to be normal when the dam’s fur gets thin after pregnancy. It is tightly connected with the severe fluctuation hormone level. It is only for a short period of time. When the hormone level is normal, the coat will be as usual. The desire to eat will not decrease until the dam feeds the puppies with breast.
The dam’s poops can be softer than normal for the first few days. There will be a small amount of pink discharge for a couple of days. Bleeding remains are not normal. The next heat cycle should be omitted. Unspayed poodle should do his only in a half of the year.