Puppy care

You should look after your poodle to keep its health in a good condition. This article will help you understand how to take care of your puppy in a right way.

Long time ago the poodles were good hunter helpers and were known as a water dog. Now they are dogs which need a lot of care and love. As an owner, you should look after it both to keep its health in a good condition and to teach it different commands. You are the one who is responsible for it.

poodle puppyHere you can read about such topics:

  • What you really should take care
  • How to feed your pet
  • How to teach it commands
  • How to give it sufficient amount of exercise
  • Read more about cleaning and brushing your pet
  • How to give your dog healthy environment

We already know that toy and miniature poodles become adolescent at the age of one year, while standards are grown-up at the age of two. This is a very important period of its life during which you have to take proper care of your pet. It is not as easy as it seems to have pet at your home. You should know a lot about it and have a range of items beforehand you will need soon. It keeps you from haste.

The most necessary thing is puppies food. Remember that changing puppy’s diet very quickly can cause stomach disorders. Be extremely careful with hypoglycemia syndrome. So you should be ready with product storage to switch.

Useful puppy additives for poodle

Here are all must-have items before having a puppy in your home

Poodle in caseOne of the most important obligations is a high quality dog bed. Remember that having a new home is always straining. A good bed can compensate this worries. Demonstrate your poodle how it can spend its free time here. It would be great if you put this bed where your poodle spend most of its time. You can make a special area for your dog in your room or use a canine playpen for it. But do not forget to close the entrance while you are away. Only this way your poodle gets used to this place. Its place should be cozy but not separated from social circle. But for a movable leash and ID-purposed collar, it would be advisable to have a harness for your poodle. It is not recommended for poodles to be both on a harness and a collar being on leash just for avoiding damaged trachea. Rings of cartilage protect the trachea. Damaging these rings cause problematic breathing. Once your poodle leaps, or you pull it back from dangerous place and you will have another problem. Harness is not so dangerous for your dog as it involves chest, underarm and back to be connected. You can get it in any pet supply store. You can choose a vast variety of colors and design.

Car seat belts save a lot of lives, both humans and pets. Being so sure about your driving abilities does not mean that the other drivers are good at this. You are responsible for those who sit in your car, so see that your poodle has a canine car safety seat. One can never be too careful. In addition, seat belts protect your poodle from car sickness. Your poodle can look out of the window with the help of a raised booster seat. Thus the probability of having motion sickness will decrease. If you think that the more toys your dog has, the better, you are wrong. Do not buy similar toys. Toys are important for poodles to train its teeth, so choose high standards toy. Curious and energetic puppies are glad to have a good toy, especially in their teething period.

Grooming is an integral part of taking care. Look after its nails, dewclaws, bathes, drying, wrapping, trimming, clipping and topknots. Clothes are also essential to have. Canine shoes protect its paws from cold, ice and chemicals in the winter and from being burnt in the summer. Remember about sweater or vest which can also save your poodle from cold. Choosing bowls for your poodle remember that stainless steel and ceramic are the most suitable. Avoid plastic one as it harms. See that the bowl is not so deep for your poodle to have a meal without discomfort. Remember that standards tend to bloat, so their bowl should be at floor level. Toys and miniature prefer raised bowls.

Five taking care advice

Make up a schedule according to which you will feed your dog. Free feeding should continue up to three months old. This means that you can leave food in the bowl for your dog. When your dog is getting older, feed it three times a day treating with wholesome snacks. Keep an eye on what you are feeding your dog. Cheap food does not satisfy your dog’s stomach as it is not nourish enough. Make sure that treating your dog with snakes for some achievements really works.

Do not delay house training. It takes months to get some outcomes, so it is all in your hands. The more persistent you are, the better and quicker result is. If you want it to have its pee outdoors, do not pay much attention to indoor training. Do not mislead your puppy with two different methods of housebreaking.

Do not forget about daily exercising. Do it with measure as obsessive training harms your pet development. Devote half an hour a day, this will be enough.

Walking is a good method of getting rid of curbed energy, widening the outlook and socialization. The poodles are known for their energetic character. Every day walking is not enough for them. It would be great if they have an opportunity to run, jump and show their ability to move quickly and easily. All kinds of competitions are for them. Do not forget about playing catch, Frisbee and jumping over hoops. These activities maintain good physically and mentally health.

Your very little dog should be accustomed to being touched and taken care of. It is important grooming matter. Teeth need attention as well.

Provide your poodle love and calm as they are extremely vulnerable creatures. Keep in mind that poodles are prone to mimic your mood. So your good energy is welcomed. Noisiness makes your poodle feeling down.

Anyway, your puppy should have its own area for resting. Make its own gated place for peace and quiet. Communication with a puppy is important as well.

Make your home safe for a puppy, put away all small things, hide your shoes. Do such cleaning regularly.