Summer care

Learn how to help your poodle feel comfortable when it is hot, how to give  a normal amount of water and how to protect your poodle’s skin and nose from dryness and sunburn in sunny days.

Summer is the best season of the year for most people. But the hot days demand adaption and changing in your poodle schedule. Hot weather can surprise us not only in June, July and August but in spring or in autumn. All in all, it is better to be ready for summer hot days. For those who live in hot climate countries this information will be especially beneficial.

Here you will read about:

  • How to train your pet in the summer
  • Heat stress or stroke: what your actions should be
  • Paws, skin and nose protection from sun
  • How to keep your dog cool and in a good mood
  • What water should be
  • Insects, how to protect your poodle from biting
  • How to prevent motion sickness caused by hot weather

How to train your pet when it is hot?

As we told before, exercise keeps poodle’s health in good condition and helps get rid of various diseases. Walking everyday helps improve behavior, thus the energy your poodle gathers during the whole day is set free. Nevertheless, when the air temperature is extremely high, it is hard to have exercise. Decreasing the amount of walking is a really bad idea, so here we find a way how to train dog despite the summer hot days. First of all, devote twenty minutes two times a day for walking. They are more effective in early mornings and late evenings, when the temperature slightly decreases. Do not forget to give water to your four-legged friend before the walk. It is also great if you take a bottle with you. Have a break under the tree or somewhere else where the sun is not so harmful in the middle of the walk. Use a canine water travel container for your walks, as it is very convenient in use. Adjust your walking way to the time. It is important to walk along the areas where you can have a break with your pet and be always in the shadow. Paws are extremely vulnerable to hot surfaces. Even walking in shady areas does not work in these situations. It is good to know the heat stroke symptoms. They are individually for every dog. This problem is very unpredictable since dogs can play as usual and only the next walk shows the real consequences. Sometimes the consequences come much later and it is hard for you to guess what the reason is. All in all, it is better to know how to recognize this problem.

Heat stress or stroke: what your actions should be

poodle and summer

Doctors call the condition when the organism is ‘tired’ as heat hyperthermia. The heat stress and stoke happen when it is a necessity to chill and keep a normal body temperature. It is good to  interrupt this process though it can be hard as dog acts without hesitation. Mistakenly, people consider heat stress and stroke the same. Here is an explanation how to differ it. First, go heat stress. The dog’s body is unable to struggle with cold weather. It is characterized by higher body temperature. We know that 101-102.5 F is normal. Though its rising to 103 F should alarm you. If you ignore this sign, heat stress transforms into the stroke. In this case a canine thermometer can show 106 F or even more. The dog’s body can refuse to function as brain swelling, kidney dysfunction and blood clotting are dangerous to your dog’s life. Clues about diving proper treatment can become apparent during the walking outside or after that. It is a mistake to think that if you take your poodle home, the problem disappears. Here are some signs of these conditions:

  • Red gums. It is also important to know their normal condition. It helps to find out its declination.
  • Hard breathing
  • Unhealthy glistering eyes
  • Feebleness
  • Frequent heart beating
  • It does not need to pee often
  • Wants to drink a lot

Problem with walking, confusion, collapse, coma or lethal ending are waiting for dog without treatment. To avoid the summer problem, it is better for you to walk when it is colder and carry your poodle if it is possible. It is recommended to water canine’s body with towels cooled and wetted in a cold water. If you have a chance, use fans for your poodle to breathe freely or you can have it bathed in a cool water. If you are outside, use the water you have prepared for the dog to drink. By the way, a good substitution is wetting paw pads, groins and under the forelegs with isopropyl alcohol. Controlling the temperature is a must. The vet’s advice to avoid a car driving to get the professional help in case the poodle’s temperature is 103 F. So keep a canine thermometer with you while summer walking. Even if you are sure in your heat stress treatment, show your pet to the vet. It goes without saying that your poodle needs a professional help when heat stroke is on stage. It is a very serious problem, so self-treatment should be delayed. Keep in mind that oxygen supplementation and IV intervention are needed in order to cure water shortage.

Your poodle’s paw protection when it is hot

Paws are the poodle’s body part which suffer the most in summer. We never understand our pets as we wear shoes while poodles can easily injure their paws. Isn’t it interesting that when the air temperature is about 77 F, the pavement can be heated by 125 F? You can easily fry eggs over there, so what about unprotected poodle’s paws?  Heated asphalt damages your poodle’s paws step by step. Then you notice dry, peeling and cracking paws. The only advice to save its paws is to use a high standard paw wax. It gives a proper protection and care. You can use one for four days.

How to protect your poodle skin from dryness and sunburn

To start with, it is an extremely important issue for poodles in the summer. The coat cannot protect your pet’s skin from the sun. Dry skin is a consequence of sun ray. It makes your poodle feel uncomfortable as it is itching and peeling. If the dog plays in the sun for too long, the sunburn is inevitable. Buy a high standard leave-in spray in order to protect your poodle’s skin and coat from harmful sun rays. By the way, it is recommended to use for the whole year-round since it definitely improves hair conditions. Moreover, it helps your poodle to stay fresh much longer providing a pleasant odor. Use it in a three days and do not forget to bathe in three weeks. It helps your poodle to be clean. If you have planned the outdoor activity for the whole day, use a sunscreen made especially in the belly.

How to protect your poodle’s nose in sunny days?

A normal amount of sun rays is vital for the dogs. Lack of them causes dark pigmentation. Still, pink spots on the nose appear because of a sunlight shortage and plastic bowls usage. At the same time, sun rays are tricky things since its abundance is the reason why your poodle’s nose is so dry. Then, peeling can occur and it is not a long time to wait cracks on the nose. Your poodle can gain enough moisture and cure dry nose if you rub its nose with a canine nose butter. You should not do it often: once or twice in seven days is enough. It is a  good idea to have a nose balsam with you while being outside during the day. Chose the chemicals-free cure which quickly absorbs the moisture as your poodle is tend to often lick its nose.

How to help your poodle feel comfortable when it is hot

Question about shaving your poodle in summer cuts both ends. At first, the idea seems to be great as your pet’s skin is breathing. At the same time. It is quite risking, since you never know if the coat grows the same nice or much worse. Having a good haircut is great, but a little hair coat endangers your poodle to sunburn. We all know that sunburn is a risk to have a cancer.

Prepare your poodle’s place for summer

Definitely there are some your poodle’s favorite spots in your house. All in all, it seems to be good for your poodle. But you should remember about some adjustment due to summer coming.

First, check if your poodle does not receive an abnormal amount of alternative air stream as it is slightly inconvenient for your pet. Check if the sun rays do not beam right on your poodle’s body. Remember that sun location is different in summer than in the winter. You see its discomfort simply observing its action. If your poodle unwilling to lie at that place you have prepared for it, you should make a conclusion to check the poodle’s favorite place location.

How to help your poodle stay breezy during the hot days

poodle summer

Try cooling mats. They are very comfortable as you do not have to charge it or keep in the refrigerator. They ‘engulf’ your poodle body unnecessary heat giving it instead pleasant cold. It is handy to take them out with you when you have planned a picnic. In addition, there is not a problem to place it into a dog stroller. By the way, the latter is a good one for small dogs when a long walk is ahead. Dogs like a stroller because they have an opportunity to see the landscape being in the shadow. Keeping a cooling mat in it make your walk more enjoyable. Use a canine cooling vest to help your poodle cope with summer hot day. Your poodle feels comfortable wearing it as a light vest absorb unnecessary moisture to keep your poodle feel good. If you are going to be outdoor for longer than an hour, use it without hesitation.

Poodle is known to be a water dog. Your poodle loves swimming a lot. Help your poodle make its time in the water more pleasant providing it with kiddie pools and sprinklers. Poodles of all ages like it, especially seniors enjoy lying in the water in the kiddie pool. It is important to keep it in the shade.

Do not forget that summer is rich in fruits. Treat your poodle with them as they contain a lot of water in it. Low calories and a lot of vitamin and antioxidants are definitely good for your poodle’s health. You can even freeze them as it is good to fresh your poodle and to train its teeth. By the way, know measure.

How to give  a normal amount of water

Usually dogs walk with their tongues sticking out. The dog has usually become dehydrated when it is summer. Hot weather makes a poodle breathe hard and, as a result, a great amount of water is lost. Moreover, even if your poodle has enough water around, some poodles may have troubles with water-regulation. Keep in mind that your dog needs twenty percent water more in summer days than usual. Dry skin and bad nails, headaches and unsteady mood are the cause of two percent water level drops. Five percent water level drop is a serious dehydration problem.

Be on the alarm when

Your poodle’s eyes are sunken, inertness, appetite loss, vertigo and high heat rate. A symptom is also when refill time of blood capillary has a decreased level. It is easy to test when you push your poodle’s gums with your fingertip. Releasing it you see a pale spot there. How long does it take to return to its normal color and if it is more than two seconds, it is a time to be on the alarm.

The only way out is to make your poodle drink a lot. You can help your pet with this using a canine watering fountain. It is quite attractive. Use a stainless bowl as it is more saver one. Keep the water cool and refreshed since your poodle does not want to drink stale water. Use frozen fruits as it was mentioned before. Take the bottle of water with you when you are training your poodle.

Bugs in summer

poodles faceSummer is the high time for bugs biting. Try to steer clear from them as insects spread heartworm disease. If your poodle is allergic to these bites, swelling and itching are unavoidable. Fleas are extremely active in the summer. Use a substance that keeps insects away as they are prone to move from one dog to another which stays in a six feet. Ticks are also very popular in the summer days. Be especially cautious walking amidst tall grass, bushes or leave piles. Lyme disease is a consequence of tick bite if the insect will be in the poodle’s body for more than 24-hour. Ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Anaplasmosis and Babesiosis are dangerous as well. Protecting your poodle from bugs, choose the product thoroughly. Tetrachlorvinphos or propoxur which can contain these products are dangerous as they are the reason of diarrhea, sickness, eye discharge and difficult breathing. Steer clear from chemicals.

The heartworm prevention usually includes flea protection.

Try to use only natural products for your poodle to get rid of fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.

Its usage is very simple. Just rub a small amount of this balsam to melt and put it on its back and neck.

When you drive away with your poodle

We often complain that dogs cannot stand driving in the summer. Maybe, we can do something about it. The first thing you do is car preparation. Be careful with the alternating current since it usually causes the motion sickness. Roll down the windows for heat to escape from the cabin. Cool your car with the help of the AC and only then put your poodle in. Combine the AC and fresh air. The latter helps your poodle avoid upset stomach and nausea. Remember about a canine car seat or restraint. It does not matter what you use, you poodle feels safe and enjoys the trip. Sun glare shades are great for your poodle it is made perfectly to have an open view of the road and not to wrinkle of the sun shining.