Apricot poodles are so cute and desirable. Find out more info about them in our article.

Yellow Poodle

This color is extremely tender, so poodles are so cute and desirable. Sun shining is usually associated with this shade.
By the way, orange-yellow dogs may have a lot of additional shade. It is normal. For example, nose, eye area, lips may be highlighted by darker coloring. Commonly, apricot poodles have rich-dark eyes and dark toenails. However, it is acceptable to have dark yellowish-brown eyes, chocolate nose, eye area and lips, but, all in all, less common.
Orange-yellow gene is closely connected with snow-white. Apricot color cannot transfer into orange-brown one and orange-brown cannot be an orange-yellow. But rich yellow-white coloring may become an orange-yellow one. Poodle’s ages change colors. For instance, the light apricot little dog may become yellow-white in a few months. It shows that some registration misunderstandings may happen. Orange-yellow is the latest registered coloring. It is claimed that orange-yellow coloring is a mix of brown, blue and white. Other coloring appeared long before orange-yellow.

Sowden Yellow Gall was born in 1898. It is thought to be the one who had apricot coloring first. Honestly speaking, it was colored closely to brown, as its owner used to produce poodles these coloring. Needless to say, it was not as orange-yellow we have now. Then these owners had newborn little dogs, six of them were orange-brown and two were brown.

From that time real orange-yellow shade was set, though it worked with standards only. Soon, in 1912 miniatures also started to be apricot colored. It was very strange that brother and sister puppies had so different colors as she-puppy was apricot while he-puppy was deep-black

The orange-yellow champion is recorded to be in 1929. It is thought to be the first. This standard poodle had a black father and a blue mother.

Starting with 1930ies American breeders began developing English poodle species. Admittedly, orange-yellow poodles came from England.

However, the American champion dog is recorded to be the first one in 1935. During the WWII the poodle breeding was slightly decelerated. After that, everything went as it was planned and great orange-yellow poodles were started to breed.