Phantoms poodles are so attractive. Let's find out how to take care of them.

If we compare one-colored poodle with phantoms, the latter wins as it is more attractive. Tell the difference between them, mismarks, tuxedo and parties is important. Here we try to understand the way poodle is colored. It helps us figure out what these colors means and what are they for.

What, actually, phantom means

phantom poodleMind you, this word does not mean illness, it is color. All in all, a great partis and event prefer to be without phantom poodles’ interaction. How to differ multi-colored poodles? There is an answer. Party and phantom poodles have two colors in their coat and this causes some difficulties to distinguish them. For you to know, the phantom poodles have special markings on a one-color coat. Phantoms’ the main color can be as dark as night with different color combination, chocolate and orange-red are usually combined with apricot, silver is gorgeous with pale yellow-white.
Marking can be only on the defined body parts. Such as in the eyes or tail area, on the cheeks, chest and legs.
Marking is already in the coat when it is born. There is nothing common with ‘cleaning’ when a color change with ages. Phantoms and bridles are closely connected genetically. This is why phantoms can give birth to brindle puppies and vice versa. For you to know, striped coat called brindle while sable is used for the coat which hair ends are deep black. Furthermore, it is noticeable when your poodle is young. Poodle usually stops being sable with age as the hair becomes pale.

Some phantom problems

The phantoms were permitted to mix up only with the same color poodles in Germany, where this species are extremely popular, until 2005. It was forbidden to take care of an apricot poodle puppy by the German Poodle Club. Inline breeding was set, in other words. This is about mix closely related dogs, for example father and daughter. It is thought to be extremely immoral. At least American breeders consider this way. This breeding endangers dog to some mutations, such as a long lower jaw, too many or too much teeth, color lost its brightness not in time. To avoid this problem phantoms should mix with black or apricot poodles. This way only we can avoid such strange characteristics. Despite not being accepted in conformation events, they can take part in Agility and Obedience.


ky/ky genotype allows to express other colors +
an E is perfect for brindling) or EM which provides a black mask
at/at gene allows to have tan spots.


The caring rules are the same for all poodles species no matter what color, age or species they are.