Red Poodles and Red Toy Poodles

Learn everything about the Red Poodles! Special aspects of taking care of different breeds included. Also information on Red Toy Poodle

All poodles are known for their adorable looks, curly hair and playfulness. Among the crazy variety of colors, we absolutely love red-haired as they are unique and eye-catching. They are rather new in the whole poodle family as the red color of poodle hair became official only in 1980.

Many people don’t know, but they are commonly bred from the apricot line. Moreover, the pups are not born with a red color right away. Small puppies are more of an apricot color and get darker with time. Many breeders work hard to get a deep beautiful shade of red. No liver point or black points – beautiful red color. Although we definitely love all poodle colors.

red toy poodle

red toy poodle

red poodle

All three most common poodle sizes can be bred in this majestic color.

Red Poodle Puppies

We’ve decided to highlight the process and peculiarities of taking care about Red Poodle Puppies as a separate question, as this process and period demands maximum attention and specific knowledgement.

toy red poodle photoCommonly, the process of getting yourself a pet starts from searching for a trusted breeder who knows his way around and raises healthy and happy Red Poodles with good breeding background.

Having a certain pup in your mind and after meeting him in person, you need to get prepared for his move to his new home.

So, what stuff do you need at first, to make your new pups’ life easy and happy?

First of all, high-quality puppy food – it must have a high-protein content and necessary omega fatty acids, mix of vitamins and antioxidants. Important thing here is to gather all possible information from the breeder on what type and food brand did the pup received before. Sudden change of familiar food might cause big troubles.

Secondly, you need to arrange a soft and cozy place to sleep for your pup. As it will be separated from his mom and family, he will need a warm bed to cuddle himself and feel safe.

New home and new family, even the most loving one, will still cause lots of stress. Be patient with your puppy and give him as much attention and affection as you can.

You will also need such important things as grooming and walking devices. Oh, and don’t forget about toys! Puppies love to play and various toys can both bring joy and help with the teeth growing.

Raising a Poodle puppy demands from you a basic knowledge of possible health issues like, e.g. hypoglycemia or hip dysplasia, so you could react as fast as it is possible.

Red Toy Poodles: Information for a Breeder

As any other, red toy poodles grow up to 10 inches heights approximately and gain about 6-8 pounds of weight.

Among all classic sizes they are the smallest and the cutest. You cannot look straight on the tiny red hair without cooing and wanting to cuddle with it.

These amazing dogs are small but very energetic! Active and sporty, they will brighten your day with happiness if you’ll care about them well

Toy Red Poodles Short Info
Color Red
Size Up to 10″
Calories per day 400-450
Weight 6-8 pounds
Lifespan 13 – 16 years
Suitable For Couples, Families, Singles or Seniors
Temperament Playful, Intelligent, Loving

Breeders often drag buyer’s attention to the main aspects of taking care about this breed, such like specific health issues or feeding process.

For example, toy puppies are more likely to have hypoglycemia due to the really small size. Basically, all caring process must revolve around the fact that these dogs are pretty small and tender.

As with other sizes, color of this breed will change with age. Toy red poodles can sport beautiful cinnamon and dark red colors.

Standard Red Poodles

Standard Red Poodles Short Info
Color Red
Size Up to 22″
Weight 60-70 pounds (male), 40-50 pounds (female)
Lifespan 10-18 years
Suitable For Couples, Families, Singles
Temperament Loves attention, intelligent, sensitive, social

standard red poodle

The most common and well-known breed that we’ve all seen and known for a long time. Except of the color of course. You don’t get to see еруь on the streets often.

This size is the one that sports the red color most often. As for the specific features, we can tell that, commonly, they can grow up to 22 inches in heights and gain approximately 60 pounds of weight.

These dogs desperately need your love and attention, so be sure to pay a lot of it. They can even get sick or depressed without enough communication.

These are amazing athletes, so you’ll need to free a lot of time for training with your dog. Sport activities are the one that these beautiful creatures perform the best.

In general, the care and feeding process doesn’t differ from the basic standard poodles.

Training a Red Toy Poodle

Training a Red Toy Poodle, whether it’s a lively pup or a full-grown adult red miniature poodle, is a must-have activity in your household. 

The first thing to talk about are basic obedience commands: sit, stay, and come. Of course you can add others in the mix. These give your pet understanding of obedience, house rules. Reinforce the training with tasty goodies and praise when successful.

Here are some tips for training a red toy poodle or pup at home. First of all, create a designated space for learning, free from distractions. It must not be episodical. Choose a comfortable time and repeat your routine. Make it fun for your red poodle ticap, grab its attention. Be patient, considerate and loving.

Socialization and behaviour training is vital for your adult red toy poodle. Play with other people and animals during walks, on a playground. Change the environment from time to time. These are new emotions that are so important for intelligent dogs. When it comes to behaviour, it is a complex of training to manage issues like barking or leash pulling or other. If you need help, don’t be shy to ask for advice from your local vet or trainer. We also try to provide you with much needed information.

Miniature Red Poodles

Miniature Red Poodles Short Info
Color Red
Size Up to 10-15″
Weight 10-15 pounds
Lifespan 10-18 years
Suitable For Families, Couples, Singles
Temperament Active, Proud, Very Smart

Miniature Red Poodles Photo

So, what differs the Red Miniature Poodles from the other poodle breeds? Size and “square” appearance! What does it mean? Well, it is easy to explain with the size: something average between Toy and Standard Poodles, the size of the Miniature varies from 10 to 15 inches in heights and approximately 20 pounds. As for the shape or the appearance matter, the word “square” here points to the proportion of the Miniature Poodles’ body length to its heights. These two measurements, in case with are nearly similar, which creates an illusion of the “square” body type.

Such body constitution makes these dogs great in any kind of sport activities. Hardy, active and fast, Miniature Poodles are born to amuse.

As other representatives of the large poodle family, these can suffer from allergies, so be sure to choose the right food for your pet. Only natural with absolutely no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors! The proper food choice will help your pet to maintain shiny and soft bright red coat as well.

Remember, that they are very smart and highly intelligent. You can’t just leave them be – lots of shared games where your pup will have to use his brain – this is the way to go with these dogs.

Teacup Red Poodles

teacup red poodle

If the common Teacup Poodles are considered to be the rare breed, imagine how hard must it be to find the Red Teacup Poodles for sale!

Absolutely adorable, these tiny Poodles looks stunning in the red color. But remember, the size of these pets can lead to many health and caring issues.

Teacup Red Poodles are simply fragile and you need to be ready for constant and very attentive care of them.

Commonly, the Teacup Poodles are registered as the Toy Poodles, but they are significantly smaller.

If caring and spending your time around the cute puppy is your dream – the first and the main recommendation here will be to find a truly well-trusted breeder.

Another important thing is to get in contact with your local vet and get regular visits and checks. Don’t wait until something will happen to your pup – prevent all possible health issues!

Teacup Red Poodle is a treasure that can be rarely found, so care for it with love and extra attention.

FAQ: Most Frequently Asked Questions about Standard and Mini Red Poodle

Here is the collection of answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Red Poodles and where to buy them.

Does the weather affects the coat color of Red miniature poodle?

We must say that the sun can indeed cause a lot of trouble for white and light-colored Poodles. But, luckily, Red Poodles with rich red colored coats stay mostly unaffected.

If, for any reason, in summer your Poodles’ coats have gone a bit lighter or yellower, the only way to improve the color is to wait. Grow it longer, let it rest a bit and then cut the overgrown hair off.

Does the aging process affect the color of the coat?

Yes, it most certainly does.

When the Poodle becomes senior, the color of its coat can start fading. If, in the case with Black Poodles, you’ll see lots of grey hair, the Red Poodles will simply get their coat becoming lighter and lighter.

How to keep the color of the coat of the red mini poodle?

red dog poodle

We must say that it will take a mix of everything: right grooming, rich micronutrient diet and food supplements that care, in particular, about the coat condition. Remember, that natural seed or fish oils affect positively the growth and color of the Poodles’ coat.

Please, take a notice – never feed your pet food with artificial colorings! Even if it claims to improve the color of his hair! This is highly dangerous and can cause severe allergic reactions.

Bathing your Poodle

By the way, such simple procedure as bathing can really help in keeping the coat soft and vividly colored. Especially, if you use one of the color enhancing shampoos made for canines. Brushing the coat during the bathing process helps its condition a lot. Always keep everything you need in the reach of the hand – tweezers, nail cutters and towels. It is very important to dry out the Poodles’ hair after the bathing or it can get tangled!

In general, only you will decide on how much grooming is required. It depends solely on how you want your Poodle to look like. Of course, frequent haircuts could help in keeping bright color a lot.

What to pay attention to when choosing the pet friend?

First thing you can do is to get familiar with the breeding background of the chosen pup. Remember, there must not be Brown or Silver Poodles in the breeding family tree of the Red Poodle!

Secondly, check the conditions in which the Poodles are being held. What food do they eat? How well-groomed they are? Are they clean? (Small pups tend to pee everywhere, so it is very tellingly if the place they leave is still clean and fresh). Does the breeder care about his personal pets?

Don’t hesitate to ask the documents on previous breeds, health certificates, vaccines etc.

Best Places To Buy Red Poodles

When you’re on the lookout for a red-haired poodle, look only for a reputable source. Not only for the reason that you want a purebred, but for the sake of getting a healthy pet. Start your quest by considering local breeders who specialise in red poodles. These breeders often have red toy poodle puppies or even red teacup poodles available. It is always better to deal with reputable breeders as you can be sure of the good health and well-being of your new friend. There are many cases of “homestyle” breeders when a family starts to sell puppies of their beloved pets.

Another option is to check animal shelters and rescue organisations, where you might find red poodles in need of a forever home. This not only offers a chance to give a loving home to a red poodle but also supports the rescue community. But of course it is a pretty rare case – to find a Poodle in a shelter. You should search more about poodles in your specific area.

Teacup Red Poodles for sale – Lowry Toy Poodles is a site that is specialized in the breeding of Teacup, Tiny and Toy Poodles. The kennel is located in Alabama and has a breeding experience over than 30 years. If Alabama is too far for your reach, you can always order the shipping which can be possible through the avia within the continental United States. Small but very deliberate, this breeder has all needed Health Certificates even for such a rare find as the Red Teacup Poodles for sale. – actually, you will be surprised on how hard it is to find a Teacup Red Poodle breeder. Especially a good one, devoted to his work and lifestyle. Rennie’s Rose is a loving breeder with 20-years of breeding experience. None of the Rennie’s Poodles are held in cages! They are living in the home as full family members, surrounded by love and care. The site gives very full information on the caring process and health condition of puppies. Moreover, you will get a 5-years health guarantee and medical help if needed. Not to mention full pack of recommendations on how to treat your new friend.

Toy Red Poodles for sale – For the UK citizens and those, who live far from US, one of the best options might be the UK Pets – large and well-trusted site that contains offers from various breeders. This is a user-friendly and easy to operate base which helds contacts and recent offers from many people who would like to sell a pet, including Red Toy Poodles. Such sites are quite convenient as you can look through various breeders and options to choose the best one for you. You can compare the price and contact various sellers. – Anais Toy Poodles is a kennel situated in Maryland, US. They specialize in breeding Toy Poodles including the Toy Poodles for sale. This is a small home with Poodle family, so be ready to wait for another pup as they don’t produce many.

Toy Poodles here have AKC registration which confirms the purity of the breed.

You’ll have the Health guarantee with your pup which will oblige you as well, as the breeder sincerely wishes for pups to get to the good hands.

Standard Red Poodles for sale – a small and cozy family-based breeder home who treasure their pets like gems. Placed in Idaho, US, they have a very convenient site with lots of information about their Standard Poodles on sale and how to take care of them.

These breeders can also ship the Poodles worldwide! Though they still highly encourage new owners to pick puppies from home personally. Breeder gives the health guarantee of 1 or 2 years depending on the Poodle size. – Darla’s Standard Poodles site is the place where you can find first-class Champions! The owner knows her job very well and treats her pets as the family members until they get to be the part of other family. She breeds exclusively Red Standard Poodles for sale and does so with full responsibility. Her pups even get the early neurological stimulation through the Bio-sensor Stimulation Technique which helps a lot through their development.

Miniature Red Poodles for sale – this site is one of the best option for those Poodle admirers who love in Canada. Situated between Ottawa and Toronto, this breeder produces Red Poodles in various sizes including the Red Toy Poodles for sale. The site has full information on how pups are born, socialized and treated. You can also be sure to receive a lifetime support and recommendations on how to take care of your new pup. – Henny is a reputable breeder with more than 20 years of breeding experience. Nowadays she breeds red, black and apricot Poodles in various sizes in her house in Oklahoma.

All puppies are dewormed and will have a pack of puppy food with them, so they can receive a familiar food at first in their new home.

All pups have AKC papers and health records as well.

Various Sizes Of Red Poodles for sale – Scarlet Fancy Poodles is the place where you can not only get yourself the cutest little Red Poodle Puppy for sale, but receive lots of extremely important information as well.

red poodle dog photoBreeding Poodles in various sizes for many years, this is a well-trusted breeder situated in California. They have all the needed documents, AKC certificate and do health treatment.

Here you can find such rare gems as the Moyen-Klein Red Poodle puppies and the Red Teddy Bear Toy Poodle Puppies. – if you are searching for a classic elegance in an unusual Red color – this is a place to go for it. Situated in Arkansas, this breeder specializes in breeding Poodles of various classic sizes and colors.

The owner – David, have loved Poodles sincerely since the young age and now spends his time with his beloved animals.

You can find all the information about each Poodle that lives at Davids’ with photo and main details on site. – this is a site for far away Poodle lovers who live in Australia. Great place to find a nearby breeder and a cute Poodle puppy for sale.

The site has lots of advertisements, breeder contacts and the general dog breeds information as well.

Each advertisement contains basic information on the breed, color, sex of the pup and the price. – another UK site that works as the base and a platform for anyone who wants to sell pets. With possibility to track the seller and like or dislike one, you can be sure in your choice. Of course, we would highly recommend visiting the personal sellers’ site and read some real opinions. Useful search system can help you to find the nearest Red Poodle breeder and give you the full information about him.