How often your poodle should eat? What kind of food makes your poodle satisfied? Find out answers for this and a lot more questions about poodle feeding in our article.

High-standard food is a key to have a healthy dog. We all know that we cannot live and function properly without food. Do not do like a majority owner do, to say directly, never choose food for your poodle at random. You should know a lot of niceties to maintain your poodle health in good shape, especially how frequent, in what amount and what kind of food you should give your pet. This section will help you to figure it out.

New family member. The importance of changing food

poodle near green dishAsking is really handy advice on the situation when you are going to have a new pet. Admittedly, you should ask your poodle’s previous owner about feeding. Remember that the ignorance can cause stomach disorders.

If your pet is taken from the animal shelter, it means that your poodle ate low-quality food as the owners buy it for a great many dog in cheap price. Definitely, you want to change it. In such case, do it moderately simply mixing the  old food and better new one.

You need three weeks to accustom your poodle to get used to new food. You had better feed your poodle with 75 per cent of old food and only 25 per cent of new ones for your first week being together with poodle. You can split your new and old food equally within the next week. Give your poodle 25 per cent of old food and fill the rest with new one during the third week. Next week your poodle is completely ready for new food.

How often your poodle should eat

Remember, feeding the young puppies without any schedule is a good idea, especially those who are not even three-months old. Along with that, see that food is permanently fresh. It means that cleaning and washing the bowl is compulsory.

When your pet gets older, you must train it to eat three time a day. Becoming a grown-ups poodles can have two meals a day. If you have you leave your pet alone, breakfast is the main part of the day. Do not forget about providing your poodle with toys. It works as a distraction from loneliness.

What to eat to have a light meal

You know that is really important to have something to chew. Snacks are good to talk in ‘not-to-overeat’ context. All in all, treatment works as a reward, especially if you train your poodle and it is great to encourage your poodle for obedience.

How to feed your poodle with measure

It is a topical question for owners. To start with, it mostly depends on the food you feed your poodle. So, mind whether the food is wet or dry, high or low quality. In addition, the amount of energy which is the most important. Age and health condition are extremely important as well.

You can count the amount of calorie your poodle consumes to feed it correctly. As a matter of fact, it takes a lot of time. By the way, puppies’ bodies require more energy than adult dogs such as 40-55 and 35-45. Seniors need less, 40, according to their age. 20 per cent can fluctuate. The very easy way to go is to follow what you are told by food makers. If you have some hesitation, start with a quarter of a cup to see whether it likes it or not. Adapt the amount of food to the pet’s demand and desire. Do not forget that the weather changes impact on your poodle’s appetite. Winter is usually the season for eating more while summer is the time when the dog is unwilling to eat. By the way, dogs with health problems need more nutrition to fight with illness.

What kind of food makes your poodle satisfied?

poodle eats

Poodles are extremely vulnerable to chemicals and other harmful ingredients. Allergies and stomach disorders are the result of quality shortage. Canned food is rich in low-quality ingredients. Remember to acquire with products you buy for your poodle. Steer clear from meat by-products which are not allowed for human consumption and diseased animal meat.

Maker makes a good money adding some fillers. They work well for increasing the amount of food and wake dogs’ appetite as well. Wheat gluten, corn gluten, brewers rice and potato product are binders. They are important for food digesting. That is why it is crucial to thoroughly choose the food for pets. Here is a wide range of goods, so it is up to you what to buy. Or you may forget about this and cook on your own. You are sure what you add to your dishes and what your dog eats. By the way, home meal is a good treatment for food allergies.

A decision to cook at home – new problems

Do not forget about vitamins. Adding to your dishes vegetables and fruits is a good approach. Eating organs is wholesome, so treat your poodle with liver, kidney or brain. Keep in mind lean meat, especially chicken, turkey and fish. Vegetables are great both for health and teeth. For example, a raw carrot perfectly train your poodle’s teeth. Remember to avoid corn. Starch and grain product are also beneficial for your pet. Be careful as many dogs are allergic to them. Fruits are rich in vitamins, so eating them goes without saying. Eggs even with the shell (mind you to make the last equal with sand) and milk products such as yogurt and cheese are great for adding to your poodle’s food. Remember to limit garlic salt usage as it is toxic for your pet while garlic bulb bring damage only in a huge amount.

Nutrient additives

It does not matter what kind of food your dog likes, it would be great to give additional amount of vitamins in order to maintain skin and coat condition. As we know that poodles’ joints are weak, so they need either treatment or preventive methods.

Avoid asking for food

If your poodle begs, try to get rid of this habit. Despite being adapted to all these chemicals, our food is packed with a lot of people die because of eating junk food. Can you realize what happens to your pet. So choose high-quality food for you and for your dog for it not to yield a temptation.

Picky eaters

Pay attention when you have noticed the appetite decreasing and do not delay the vet visiting. Or maybe your pet is bothered with this kind of food. It is a good solution to alternate food to something new, for example fish to chicken or pork. If big pieces of food is hard to chew for your poodle, change it into soup. If your poodle has a normal weight and eats not so much, it means that everything is alright.