Best Puppy Food For Poodles


What can be cuter in the whole world than the poodle puppies? They are soft, lively and playful. Once you see them, you’ll fall in love immediately!

Small puppies are innocent and helpless. And it is our task to provide them with the utmost care in all possible ways. One way to take care of your growing dog is to make sure it eats healthy food.

So, how to choose the best food for poodles puppies and check if it will be right for your own pup? Let’s figure it out together!

black poodle on the grass

Best Dog Food Brand For Puppy Poodles

puppy poodle eating something from the hand Today, luckily, we have a huge amount of various dog food brands that provide dogs with high-quality food full of needed micronutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. At this point it can be even hard to name one as the best one!

Nevertheless, we can see one standing out with quality and sincere care about puppies – it is the Blue Buffalo brand. You can find reviews on specific products from this brand below.

Best choice For Poodle Puppies Food in 2018

Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Best Poodle Puppy Dry Dog Food

photo of the Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Poodle Puppy Dry Dog Food

One of the most popular and well-known brands is here on our lists due to few very important reasons.

First of all, Royal Canin has a whole line of dog food for various breeds and ages as many other dog food brands, but it is ne of the few brands that have specifically developed formula just for Poodle Puppies.

Second one comes logically from the first one: as the food was developed with taking into account needs of specific breed, it has all the needed micro elements to satisfy nutrition demands of this breed.

This way, the Royal Canin has a higher ratio of protein which is extremely important for growing organisms of little puppies and plenty of omega fatty acids that help growing coat to be soft, healthy and shiny.

Small food particles or “kibbles” are designed with deep knowledge of poodles bone and jaw structure. Easy to chew, they help to massage the gum and take care of the puppies teeth.

Please, notice, that this food contains grain and chicken by-products. Before trying it out, make sure that these ingredients won’t cause allergic reaction.


  • Formula developed specifically for Poodle Puppies
  • Plenty of Omega fatty acids
  • Affordable


  • Contains chicken by-products which can cause upset stomach for sensitive eaters

Wellness Core Natural – Best Grain Free Dry Puppy Poodle Food

photo of the Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food Another great source of protein-nutrition, but this time grain-free. Why is it can be a number one priority? Well, simply because some poodle puppies and grown-up poodles can have not so great reaction to grain that is a common ingredient in the dog food.

Allergy to grain or simple upset stomach is a rather unpleasant thing. And if you get such reaction from your pup towards any specific ingredient, the best way is to eliminate it completely.

Luckily, today we have many great options, like Wellness Core small breed puppy food, that are using other sources of carbs, still absolutely organic. Such puppy food provides the same amount of fats, protein and carbs, but uses other components, like potatoes, peas or other healthy veggies.

This dry food in particular, is protein focused, which means that it has larger amount of protein, which, as we know, is extremely important for aging up pups. The food is also infused with DHA which helps to keep brain and eye work on a healthy level.

Remember, when you are switching between two different food brands is to do it slowly, mixing them together to prevent stomach problems.


  • Grain-free
  • Added DHA
  • Contains salmon meal and salmon oil


  • Almost none. Remember to look after your pup while trying out new food.

Hill’s Science Diet – Best Toy Puppy Poodle Wet Food

Hill’s Science Diet is the brand that truly cares about our little pets and improves the formula of their food all the time.

photo of the Hill's Science Diet Small & Toy Breed Wet Dog Food You could have noticed by yourself that pets tend to love wet formula more. Why? Commonly it is easier to chew thanks to all the moisture in the formula and it often has stronger odor, appetizing for dogs. Nice trick to convince the picky eater to eat healthy food is to add one spoon of smelly yummy wet food.

This puppy wet food in particular, is a stew made from chicken and vegetables.

Please, take notice, that the package contains Pork Liver, which usually tastes great for dogs but can cause an upset stomach.

The product is made for pups younger than 1 year and comes in comfortable peel-off cups which has a single portion of puppy food.

It has low sodium content and zero artificial colors or flavors.

Commonly, puppies are not very selective with their food, but they will absolutely love this one. Apart from having all the required micronutrients ratio, the soft fibers of this puppy food is super easy to digest and reboil with their tender growing stomachs.

We would recommend mix dry and wet formulas in your pups daily feeding routine.


  • All natural
  • Appetizing for dogs
  • Portioned daily food


  • Pricy
  • Contains Pork Liver

BLUE Buffalo Wilderness High Protein – Best Standard Poodle Puppy  Food

photo of the BLUE Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Puppy Dry Dog Food How do you know that the puppy food has the right amount of protein and is a high-quality product? Check out the list of ingredients and look at the first mentioned one. If it says “meat”, then you are holding a pack of meat-filled high-protein content puppy food.

As for the content of this dry puppy food in general, it is infused with all health and growth-supporting elements you can possibly imagine. DHA, omega fatty acids, full complex of vitamins and antioxidants – all here.

These ingredients help to support puppies’ development of cognitive system and prevent degradation in young age.

Crunchy small kibbles in two sizes are fun to chew and fit great in small chaps.

Important thing to mention is a content of calcium which is super important for growing bones and developing joints.

The bag is resealable, so you’ll be able to keep the food in right condition in dry place to prevent it from molding or bacteria spreading.


  • Best complex of vitamins and minerals
  • Grain, soy, wheat free
  • DHA and calcium content
  • High-quality first-class ingredients


  • Expensive

Solid Gold Small & Toy Breed Wet Dog Food

photo of the Solid Gold Small and Toy Breed Puppy Poodle Dog Food Another option of puppy wet dog food, but this time grain-free for those puppies who can not stand or digest grain. This food by Solid Gold is also gluten and soy free – a perfect start product to feed your pup without being afraid of various food allergy reactions.

The food comes in standard 100g (3.5oz) packaging which is a basic one time feeding portion. It is pretty convenient as you’ll have a divided food portions for every feeding.

This is more of the basic formula, well-balanced and good for all ages. You can serve this as a separate meal or use it as a tasty topper on a dry food for encouraging your puppy to eat.

If your pup is a picky eater or you’ve had hard times with his sensitive stomach – this is a nice option to try out as the main components here are easy-to-digest chicken meat and chickpeas.

Addition of probiotics keep the gut health in good condition and help to absorb all the good stuff from food like micronutrients or antioxidants.

Tasty gravy is made from natural chicken broth.

As for the micronutrients, the protein ratio here is 26% which is a bit low for Miniature Poodle Puppy, but good enough for Standard Poodle Puppies or Adult Poodles.


  • Grain, gluten and soy free
  • Probiotics infused
  • Tasty and smelly
  • Good for various ages


  • Nearly average content of protein

Blue Buffalo Freedom – Best Miniature Puppy Poodle Food

photo of the Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Natural Puppy Dry Dog Food Basically, this one is one of the best way to start feeding your pup without taking too much risks in getting allergies or negative food reactions. As safe as it can be, the dry dog food for puppies by Blue Buffalo doesn’t contain grains, gluten or any artificial preservatives. Main components are chicken and high-carb content veggies that deal perfectly with the task of keeping the ratio of micronutrients on the needed level.

All dry formulas made by this company has a specific feature: two kinds of kibbles in one pack. Larger particles that are, basically, dry food and smaller kibbles that are vitamin and minerals complex aimed to keep the pups’ health in great condition in each and every aspect.

This dry food is known as the elite one due to the price and exquisite high-quality ingredients. Only the best!

Large line of dry food for every age will give you an opportunity to stick to the brand while your pup will row.


  • Only the best ingredients
  • No artificial preservatives
  • Absolutely safe


  • Expensive

Hill’s Science Diet Small & Toy Dry Poodle Puppy Kit

photo of the Hill's Science Diet Small & Toy Breed Dry Dog Food Puppy Kit If you got yourself the prettiest poodle puppy and want to get all the needed items for feeding and training at once, you should check out one of those puppy kits by Hill’s Science. It is like getting one of those starter manual kits for a new hobby, but this time it is for caring and loving your new friend.

So, what do you get here for a hilarious amount of money? Dry puppy food for small breeds, one can of similar wet food to try it out and a small pack of puppy treats for training process.

Moreover, you get several items apart from food to take care about your pup like tennis ball, bags for cleaning after him on walks and a toy for chewing.

It is an amazing deal for such a low price. And it is even more amazing as the quality of the food is great.

All natural ingredients, perfect balance of micronutrients and small size of the food particles for easy digestion!

Such kit gives you opportunity to try out the brand and see whether your pup will react good to it. Try mixing the food together or adding small amount to the food you where feeding your pup before.


  • A whole kit to start caring about your new friend
  • Gives opportunity to try out different types of food from one brand
  • All natural ingredients


  • Contains grain

What To Know About Feeding The Puppies?

white poodle eating something Two most popular questions that are asked by almost all newbee poodle puppy owners are: how much to feed the pup and what ratio of micronutrients must puppies receive?

To decide on the poodle puppy food amount, the best way is to consult your local vet and follow the instructions on the food pack, if you are buying the dog food developed specifically for puppies.

The most common way of feeding the smallest pups who are younger than 3 months is to give them food as much as they need. It is called “free feeding”.

When your pup crosses the age of 3 months, it is time to start building up the feeding routine. The best option here is to start giving the food in divided portions 3-4 times a day. As for the amount of calories your pup must consume every day, just double the calories and adult poodle of this size needs. This way, average portion of calories for poodle puppies must be approximately 900 calories.

The question concerning the micronutrients and other food components can be answered simply – your pup will grow very fast and during this time it must receive as much as it is possible. Priority must be given to the protein ratio which must be larger than in dog food for adult poodles. Apart from that, such components as omega fatty acids, vitamins and probiotics are a must-have!

What you most certainly must always keep in mind when picking the food for your pup is that the poodles can suffer hard from various food allergies. Always try out new food little by little, carefully observing your pups’ reaction.

By the way, if you take your pup from the shelter or from professional breeder, always gather as much information from him on the food that your puppy have received. It is dangerous to change the food abruptly. If you want to change the food, mix it bit-by-bit into the common for puppy food, increasing the amount gradually.

Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose The Best Dog Food For Poodle Puppies?

poodle food

So, let’s define what is the best dog food for poodle puppies and how to choose one among all the variety we have now on the market.

The best food for your pup is the one making him be and feel healthy. Well-groomed coat, strong muscles and joints, good working digestive system and energy boost all the time – these are the showings of the high-quality dog food that is suitable for your puppy personally.

As for the best out there dog food criteria, here are some tips and recommendations to help you with making the decision.

High-quality ingredients

Main thing you need to be sure of before purchasing the pack of food. What meat does it have? Is the meat comes as the number 1 ingredient? Does the food contain only natural components without any artificial preservatives? These are the most important questions to answer.

The second thing to check what type of carb products are in the content. This depends solely on your pups’ grain toleration. In view of this you can choose food with rice, corn or high-carb veggies like peas or potatoes.

Choose the formula

There is no such thing as the correct answer to the question which formula is the best – wet or dry. Especially for the puppies. Both of them, if made from good ingredients and with the well-balanced ratio of minerals and vitamins, fulfill the main nutrition purpose. So, the main difference stays in the consistency of the food and benefits that it can give. Best dry dog food for poodle puppies is easy to store and gives a good massage to the gum and the teeth of the growing puppy which is very important in any age.

Wet food, on the other hand, is moist which helps through the digestive process. And don’t forget that it smells and tastes better for the dogs!

If you have such an opportunity, try to mix both formulas for better result and happy pup.

Perfect micronutrients ratio

Make sure, that the food was developed specifically for puppies and for small breeds, poodles ideally. This way it will have the right balance of micronutrients and other elements like omega fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants.

Food for poodle puppies must contain at least 30% of protein and have a high-nutrition value.

Things to avoid

While choosing the food for your beloved pup, learn to avoid components that can potentially harm him or result in upset stomach reaction.

For example, any artificial colors and flavors, preservatives. Those are straight taboo.

Chicken by-products or second-class meat like lungs, liver and stomach. These are all eatable but can go hard on tender stomachs. The same goes with grain. It is not a straight bad ingredient, just make sure that your pup doesn’t have grain or any other food energy.

All-in-all, the best way to built up your pups’ diet is to consult your local vet.