The world is such a tricky place. If you are not allergic to poodles, probably, your poodle is allergic to something. Learn the source of poodle's allergies and what to do to help them.

The world is so tricky thing. If you are not allergic to dogs, probably, your dog is allergic to something. Surprisingly, a fifth part of all poodles suffer from allergy. Admittedly, it is quite a lot. It happens that owners are ignorant about dog’s suffers since the signs are completely various. Allergies do not depend on age. Your dog can acquire these signs as easy as get rid of them in a particular moment. Here we try to tell you about poodles allergies peculiarities, their wide-spread symptoms, methods of avoiding the allergy source and treatments.

The source of allergies
There are five things which cause allergies. They are

  • Interaction with other poodles
  • Fleas
  • Meal
  • Inhalants
  • Virus

The allergic signs can be different. You can observe its consequences in your pet’s body, outside or both. You help your dog a lot if you prevent the illness outburst.

Allergies cause by flea

poodle`s rackYou as an owner should understand that products for flea prevention is vital to use. Caution, six feet is a length flea can reach. It is extremely reachable for your pet to get flea after a vet or groomer visiting, even simply crossing the road. Your pet has a good reaction to flea’s spit. Despite fleas themselves do not cause itching, dogs which are extremely vulnerable to fleas’ spit can have serious illness.
The symptoms are as follows. Your dog starts to scratch its skin as it is excessively itching. The coat in this area can be damaged, thus a new wound can be received.
Of course, you need to eliminate fleas and then cure the sore skin. If your dog has fleas, it makes sense that your house is full of these little insects. Carpet is extremely welcoming to them.
It is not as easy as it seems to eliminate little bugs from your house. It takes a lot of time, especially when it is summer. Decontamination is a good idea as well as using moisturizer.
Only when you wash your pet with a good flea shampoo, it is flea-protected. Read the instruction carefully or your treatment is useless. It is commonly known that the shampoo has effect if you bathe your pet only in two weeks after your ‘flea-fight’.
You can get rid of swelling and scratching, giving your poodle steroid shot. Check the wound for viruses. It is good for skin to use vitamin E oil or shampoo based on the oatmeal.

When your pet interact with the world

Poodle usually participates in different shows. The conditions are harsh as the skin is often injured. This type of allergy is a skin response to any interaction with the world. Itching is a common sign. In addition, chewing paws are wide-spread as well because this area is easy to reach.
The source of allergy can be hidden in carpets, products for grooming can consist of unacceptable for the dog ingredients. Even if your pet does not wear any clothing, your things can cause your poodle’s allergy. This happens because detergent you wash your clothing.

How to recognize the allergy?

Scratching prompts you that the skin is irritated. Skin scratching causes wounds. Infected eye or nose liquid is one more allergy symptom though people rarely pay attention to this sign.
You help you poodle so much if you visit a vet in order to show him its open wounds caused by scratches. By the way, antibiotics are good virus-devour. You can decrease the impact of the allergy triggers if you change the products for cleaning, washing, laundering you used before to hypoallergenic and without any scent. You should also wash carefully sink and bath to avoid coming your soap and shampoo on your pet’s body. Do not forget about using vitamin E oil as well.

Allergies meet each season

It is a very popular type of dog allergies. The source can be everything that it is possible to breathe in such as plant pollen, dust mites and smoke of cigarette. People and animal’s reaction to the source of allergy can differ a lot. The symptoms for animals are severe scratching and developed infected wounds as a consequence. The other one is infected eye or nose liquid which you dog can swallow (if it is concerns nose) or can be transported into the healthy eye.

Hard breath, pant, cough

walking poodle

Allergy is often temporarily illness. It lasts as long as the source is. If your dog is allergic to dust, moisture, cigarette smoke or inhalers, the illness is permanent and you have to do something with it.
How to cure your pet? If you know what the source is, it is much easier to decide what to do. Firstly, you should eliminate the allergy source. Pollen or mold allergy treatment relies on your dog’s reaction. Pay attention to the drugs. Buy any anti-inflammatory medications to cease allergy and steroids to decrease itching. Antihistamines cooperate well together with steroids. Fatty Acid is quite appropriate for every problem.
It is obligatory to use hypoallergenic oatmeal-based shampoo while bathing. If your vet finds out the allergy trigger, you can slightly let your pet be accustomed to it. The dog’s organism gets used to it and your pet does not suffer from allergic reaction any more. Nevertheless, it takes pretty much time and it is not for sure. In addition, such experiment does not work with seniors.

If your poodle is allergic to food

Food allergies are so tricky as well. Puppies which start to eat solid food too early or at normal age can be allergic to food. Food allergies are hard to predict or understand their strategy. The sign may be either outer or inner. The pet can be allergic to chemicals which canned food consists of as well as to ordinary food. Be on the alert when your poodle has diarrhea, stomach disorder, inflated stomach or your pet pukes.

How to recognize stomach disorder?

Usually the canine desires to be on its own, forbids to be patted and unwilling to play. Be cautious with intestinal obstruction, losing weight and strength, skin and coat problems and heavy breathing. If you want to help your four-leg friend, make up a special diet. Do not forget about calories your poodle needs. Mushed up, boiled, chicken meat, white rice and a drizzle of salt are better for bland diet. In two days you can add more food the same quality. Add one product very two weeks. You understand what is the allergy source if you do this way. By the way, home cooking is a good idea too, despite you have to sacrifice a lot of time. Talking about money, this is more economical as you buy products in bulk. In addition, you can make a provision in the months ahead using your fridge. Dry and sensitive skin caused by food allergies can be cured by dieting and rubbing in balm your vet has advised.  You can use a moisturizing cream as well. Rub in the cream before bedtime. Use a towel for the bed not to be spoiled.
Do not use your groomer’s service until your skin gets the normal condition. Bathing a lot can be harmful for your pet. Use a shampoo based on oatmeal for the skin to feel good.
Remember that steroid shots do not cause any harm for canines unlike for people. Steroid shots or cortisone treatment is extremely effective.