Constipation is not a life-threatening health issue for a poodle, but it surely brings a lot of discomfort feelings. Find out what are the signs of constipation and what to do with it.

Constipation is not a life-threatening health issue, but it brings a lot of discomfort feelings. However, there are some questions which worth considering. Fortunately, a lot of problems connected with constipation you may solve on your own.

Here we will talk about:

  • Constipation signs
  • Constipation causes
  • When you should go to the vet
  • Effective domestic treatment

How to prevent this problem?

poodle near the seasideA lot of owners consider that constipation is the condition when it is hard to poo. Though there is another explanation to this term.

  • Straining. Your poodle wants to poo, but cannot or it has already pooed, but it took a lot of time. Still, its countenance gives you a clue.
  • Less movement. A normal amount of defecating for your poodle is three times a day. However, if the amount is decreased, you have to do something with it.
  • Hard stools, unlike diarrhea.
  • Small size – if it is not small pill-typed pieces, you can start to worry about your pet.
  • These signs appear in 24 hours. So you are forewarned.

Constipate causes

But for health problem constipation is caused, there are some more trouble-making problems.

Too little water is drunk. Water is vital for good health condition , including maintaining the digestive and intestinal system health. Neglecting drinking water causes constipation. Normally, ten body pounds heed eight fluid ounces per day. It is difficult for some pets to control the regular amount of water to drink, especially when it is summer and its activity is on the top.

If you decide to cut the usual amount of exercise, it as a rule leads to constipation. Exercise is great both for physical and mental health. It is good for food digestion as well.

Mood fluctuation. Dogs do not like changes in their ration as the organism reaction can be quite unpredictable. Your pet is not protected from stomach disorders, diarrhea or constipation in this case. Changes develop some problems even if it is a substitution to a better food. In addition, if the new food consists of less fiber than before, the problem may occur as well.

Stress. Despite it sounds like insanity, but all in all it is worthy to pay attention. If none of the reasons so not substitute to your pet, pay attention to your family situation. Your dog is sensitive to something new, it does not matter whether it is good or bad.

Health problems which are the source of constipation

poodle was dressed in shirtIt is useful to know about some illness which sign is constipation. You know that if your treatment methods does not work, visit the vet.

Engorged anal glands or scent glands. Each side of anal opening has a pair of them. A secret liquid helps the dogs recognize each other. The information about sex, health condition and mood is here.

When your poodle is pooing, a little of this liquid deliberately goes out as well. According to this, the glands become rounder and bigger and filled with blood. These glands are like a resistant which does not let the poos out.

It would be great if you know what the normal condition of the anal glands is, since it makes it easier to find out that something is wrong with them now. If it is filled with bleeding, visit the vet or a groomer to get rid of the fluid.

-Internal blockage. Your poodle has eaten something and its stomach refuse to digest it. Drooling, bizarre behavior, throwing up or dry heaving, hunch growing and managing to poo are the signs as well. Do not delay the vet visiting in this case.

Prostate Glands Decreasing – According to hormone changing, male poodles are prone to suffer from this disease. But for constipation, there are some more symptoms to characterize this problem such as problem peeing, bloody urine and fecal movement and ribbon-type feces.

Dehydration – We have already found out that drinking too little water provoke constipation. This disease can progress and new symptoms occur such as deeply sunken eyes, hard breathing, unwillingness to do anything, perplexity feeling and light gums.

You can measure the dehydration level by pushing the gums during five second with the help of a finger. Releasing it, you see the white spot where your finger was. If the normal color returns very quickly, everything is alright. If no, dehydration need to be cured.

Here are the other reasons why constipation is caused. They are:

  • Bowl area traumas
  • Proctal tumor
  • Bloat
  • Neurological issues
  • Older poodles

Older poodles are prone to suffer from bone and muscle pain, back of hips is extremely vulnerable. If your poodle has some troubles with this, it is really difficult for it to defecate. If the problem is really disturbing, your poodle’s feces could not be removed.

How to treat

poodle walk in the eveningDo not hesitate with curing as its delaying can bring the unpleasant result. Considering the fact that feces are still in your poodle’s organism, it may lead to such consequences.

If feces are in the colon longer that it is needed, all their moisture returns to the body. It makes the condition more dangerous.

If acute constipation duration is more than two weeks, the large intestine may become bigger artificially which cause megacolon, rather dangerous disease which needs surgery intrusion.

That is why constipation is needed to be cured as soon as the first signs appeared.

Constipation home-treatment

Here are some tips to slow down the constipation development.   

A lot of water drinking. Some dogs do not drink a normal amount of water. The reason may be in the water itself, as freshness and temperature, the bowl condition and placement play an integral role here. Do not be so lazy to clean the bowls and change the water to fresher one. In addition, fruits consist of water. Offer your poodle watermelon, blueberries, raspberries and oranges.

Fibers are great for constipation coping. For example, soluble fiber makes water be left in feces. As a result, pooing is more easier as it seems. Insoluble fiber in its turn makes feces bigger which also helps to get rid of movement. It is recommended to use soluble fiber as it has better results. By the way, fruits are rich in it and if your poodle eats them, it kills two birds in one stone.

Pumpkin is always ready to help your pet. Squashes are great for poodle’s health.

The normal amount for adults:

  • Toys and minis need one teaspoon a day, then you may increase this portion to two.
  • Standards need two tablespoons a day, then you may increase this portion to three.
  • Kale and spinach are rich in fiber as well. You can grind it and mix into the poodle’s food.

Coconut oil improves the immune system and make the skin and coat condition better. It is good to use it as constipation drugs both for human and for dogs. It is similar to paste kept in small tubes. Take the amount you need and give it to your poodle previously melting it in microwave for eight seconds. Ten pounds need one teaspoon.

Physical activity. Do not limit your poodle in exercise if there is no serious illness. They help feces move faster, thus body absorbs less water and makes it easier to poo. Your poodle’s intensive breathing and faster heart beating provide quicker defecating. Why don’t you add another twenty minutes of walking in this case?

poodle posing after the flowersIf you want to treat your poodle at home, you should consult the vet in any case. All drugs you want to give to your pet should be approved by the professional. Supplements with acidophilus, folic acid and vegetable enzymes, milk of magnesia, bran, mineral oil, organic apple cider vinegar, and psyllium husk powder are not harmful at all.

If these signs below belong to your pet, you had better immediately consult the vet:

  • If your dog has not pooed for two days
  • If difficulties in defecating last more than seven days
  • If your pet’s behavior makes you feel worry, for example, hard breathing, feeling of fear, anxious, suffering from pain, bloated stomach, vomiting or dry heave, having a high temperature, appetite loss, problems with drinking.

Vet treatment consist of blood, stool, electrolyte panel and urinalysis testing. Radiographs and ultrasound testing may also be recommended.

If the problem is not so serious and any complications are not foreseen, your vet may recommend to use simple feces softeners or laxatives for your poodle. Enema is also effective in this case.

Prevention is definitely better that cure

Control the amount of water your pet drinks. Remember, ten pounds need twelve ounces. Try to stick up to this rule. Ice cubes, fruits are good to maintain your pet’s water balance.

Leather in its natural states (rawhide), bones are prone to make the bowel movement more complicated.

Remember, exercise keep your pet alive and kicking both mentally and physically. It help the digestive system work without any problems.