Stomach Disorders

Digestive disorders are wide-spread for poodles, it can bother your poor pet's stomach from time to time. Here we find out how to be ready for all these troubles.

Digestive issues are wide-spread for poodles. Diarrhea or constipation can bother your poor pet from time to time. Here we find out how to be ready for all these troubles.

Irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS for short

white poodle on two legsIBS is not a digestive issue as it is thought to be. All in all, it may be a part of it. Here some signs for you to know:

Stomach spasms. Your poodle feels uneasy and irritated. It wants to be isolated as well. Its behavior may be bizarre sometimes, so do not be so surprised when your poodle slightly bites you.

Bloating troubles caused by gases in the digestive tract.

Gaseous distention is characterized by often passing stinky gas.

Mucus in the fecal which must not be there. It is made in the intestines and extremely helpful in making the colon move smoothly and the whole thing as well. Stomach disorders make this liquid move together with poos which is abnormal.

Diarrhea. Your pet wants to poo too frequent or its feces are wet. You know how the normal feces look like, so you see the difference.

Constipation. IBS can cause both diarrhea and constipation. You know that the normal bowel movement is twice or even three times a day. When your poodle has some trouble with this, be on the alert. IBS is recognizable for the vets only. All stomach disorders may be caused by IBS. Do not worry if your pet has one of these symptoms. It only means stomach disorder. It is nothing to do with IBS.

How to quickly substitute improper food?

If your poodle has upset stomach, the source may be in the food you give. Your task is to quickly substitute it to other your pet has not tasted before.

If you do not give your pet the food you have given before and treat it, you see the result.

Do not haste with the main dish altering as it harms more severely. Combine old food with new one proportionally, start with 75 to 25 and then regulate this process every week.

What to do when your poodle vomits?

Vomiting can accompany all kinds of stomach disorders signs or be on its own. It may be precaution signs that something is wrong with your poodle. Spoiled food, moving stomach bugs and eating when being under heat stress cause acute vomiting. Nevertheless, if your dog throws up too frequently, find out what exactly may cause this problem.

In addition to stomach disorder issues

Vomiting can have different forms. Your dog can heave or spit food remains. It can also lose its appetite. If it prefers resting to playing, you should worry about its health condition. If you hear strange noises from the bottom of the poodle’s belly, be on the alert as well.

Curing stomach disorder at home

poodle stomach troubles

There are some alarming condition your little poodle of any breed or toys in any period of time may have. They are as follows:

  • Dehydration caused by throwing up and diarrhea.
  • Electrolytes discrepancy caused by throwing up and diarrhea.
  • Blood sugar decreasing caused by disproportional nutrition

These diseases are extremely dangerous. If you have noticed its first signs, do not delay the vet visiting.

Moreover, if your pet is quickly tired and weak, does not want to drink despite being dehydrated, diarrhea and vomiting during two or more days or other disturbances, consult the vet as soon as possible.

The diseases such as Parvo, roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, intestinal obstruction, pancreatitis, giardia demand professional treatment.

Do not ignore severe bloating as it may turn out to be gastric dilatation (usually called bloat or killer bloat). It is quite dangerous to put off the treatment as this disease is life-threatening.

Drooling, agitation, vomiting and unwillingness to drink water are other bloating symptoms.

It is the standards which this issue concerns, but owners of any breed should be on the alert.

Let your poodle’s tummy have a rest.

Do not feed the pet during eight hours at least. Puppies which are younger than three months old and toys younger than 6 months older.

Provide a special diet for your poodle to be comfortable and without pain. The best diet is boiled products without seasoning, such as white rice and white breast chicken without bones and skin in 4:1 proportion. The meal pieces should be small.

Why rice and chicken? Rice absorbs unnecessary stomach acid and together with chicken they are good for the digestive system. These products accelerate recovering.

Feed your pet twice or even three times a day with this wholesome food. With an improvement you may slightly substitute this dish to what it used to eat.

Stomach bile characterized by throwing up yellow liquid with foam as a rule. It happens because the stomach is so sick that it is completely empty. It may happen even if your feeding schedule is in shipshape order and you stick to it. These symptoms prompt you that it is better to feed your poodle more often, but in a small amount. If your poodle used to be full constantly, you can offer more snacks for it not to be hungry and to be in a good shape.

If the tummy is not alright, plain yogurt or cottage cheese may help cope with this problem. Let your poodle try it five times a day with one- to four-hour intervals.

Pumpkin is good for poodles which have upset stomach and diarrhea. To maintain normal amount of it, it is good to give a teaspoon in two hours for toys, two teaspoons in two hours for mini and standard puppies, three tablespoons in two hours for adult standards.

Is Immodium A/D (loperamide) or Pepto Bismal (Loperamide) good for treatment?

Yes, only if the vet recommends it for your pet since. Dogs are vulnerable to these products. These products can ‘cooperate’ with others. If your pet has too little weight (lower than 9 kilos), it may be overdosed. It stops diarrhea with clearing out bacteria and germs Pedialyte other electrolyte solution twice a day may save your pet from dehydration.

How to help inborn stomach disorder?

poodle sit in retro carThe inborn stomach disorder caused by food intolerance. There is nothing to do with food allergy. If your poodle intolerant to some ingredients, the stomach and digestive track is disordered. Steer clear of artificial coloring, chemical preservatives and fillers usually consisted in canned food.

It is unavoidable as even higher standard canned food has something which harms to your poodle’s organism. If you do not feel like changing the feeding approach, you can change the taste. There is no problem to alter fish to chicken or vice-versa.

A wide-spread thought is that dogs are allergic to grain, though it is quite deluding opinion. Nevertheless, if cheap ingredients are out of the question and you change the main source of protein and you have no effect, choosing a grain may be the same uselessly.

To sum it up,

Do not overdose:

  • heartworm medication
  • Inoculation
  • New drugs your poodle should take

Do hurry up to visit the vet if your poodle feels bad otherwise the lethal outcome may happen.