Brushing and drying

Discover the right way to brush and dry you poodle properly.

A right brushing and drying approach makes your poodle more attractive and lovely. If you fail this task again and again, hair becomes fragile and twisted in knots. It does not matter whether your poodle is domestic or show dog (as a rule, they need a different type of care), provide both with proper care after bathing. This article covers the most crucial after-bathing tips.

Basically, brushing and drying are inseparable. Drying without your intrusion lead to twisted curly hair, which causes a range of knots and tangles while dry coat brushing damage hair ends. Use a spray consist of water and canine conditioner for brushing between baths.

Some good drying tips


This is an integral part for drying. The material the towel consist of directly connect with the result you want to get. It is all about moisture absorbing levels. Cotton is the most preferable cloth for towers. If the fabric is dense, it means that it is a quality tower. The more grams per square meter is, the better towel does its job. Take one or two quality towers made with Egyptian or American prima cotton. Touch slightly the poodle’s coat with the tower to blot it. Do not rub as it is the main reason why knots appear. Dry starts from the head and moves down the body. Tail worth your attention as well.

A coat dryer usage

If your pet has a nice short haircut, it is not obligatory to use this tool. All in all, it never will be out of place. Nevertheless, there are always pros and cons of using a hair dryer.

Good points worth mentioning:

  • The drying is quicker and there is more time to leave-in spray to absorb. So you do not have to rub it in.
  • You are able to lift and let air come to hair stems
  • If your hair dryer is quick enough, your pet’s coat is pleasant and attractive to touch (if you use  a quality leave-in spray)
  • Dry air makes hair crispy, curved and unmanageable

Cons are as follows:

brush and dry poodle

  • If you keep the dryer too close to hair, you may burn the skin
  • Using proper products for your pet’s coat lengthens the drying procedure for 5 or 15 minutes. Believe, it worth doing it.
  • If you dry properly, you notice the results very soon.
  • Remember to brush coat previously parting hair, which is called ‘fluff grooming’. Medium or high distance is alright, but keeping the dryer too close to the skin is dangerous. Regulate speed as well.
  • Use a finishing spray with a slicker brush to protect the coat and make it attractive and tidy.
  • The best grooming variant is ionic dryers. Ions help hair get rid of water faster. By the way, those made for people are more effective than for pets.