Coat and hair

Learn everything you need about poodle's coat and hair problems.

Poodle’s coat demands a lot of attention. Naturally, the problems are inevitable even if you care about your poodle’s hair thoroughly.

There are described topics about

  • The difference between puppy and adult hair care
  • Your action when your pet is extremely hypoallergenic
  • What cause coat thinning
  • What cause coat to fall out

The difference between puppy and adult hair care

fairy poodlePuppy coat, which by the way poodles born with, differs from those grownups have. You can assure yourself in this simply patting with your palm the coat of tiny poodle which is soft and crimpy. Adult’s is thick and crispy.

Nine-month old minis and toys are ready to change their coat to what the grownups have. It takes about nine months for poodles to boast about the completely new adult coat. It may be some delaying in this process, so do not panic since at the age of twenty-four months old changes will come.

Unfortunately, the knotting problem is unavoidable. Do not hesitate to do a shorter haircut for your poodle to feel comfortable and for coat to be well-groomed.

This period of changing coat demands a lot of brushing. If you do it for the first months, it would be easier for you to keep up coat good condition then.

Standard poodles cope with this process faster. The coat transformation starts when the dog is between 9 and 16 months and it is completely changed in three-month period.

Changing coat

There are a lot of talks of shedding poodles disability. On the one hand poodles do not have two coats, unlike the other species do. They have one thick coat of crispy hair like humans do with falling-out problems and growing again. Why poodles do not have shedding troubles? It is maybe because hair falls out and leaves on the coat. Such a deluding trick, isn’t it? So it makes you think that shedding is not for your poodle.

What does it mean to be hypoallergenic?

If your poodle is hypoallergenic, it means that someone of the human race is allergic to this species. It happens because many people are vulnerable to dead skin remains. Furthermore, allergens, the substance which, actually, causes allergy, is the thing every dog has.

Three or four days is a period during which the majority of dogs change its coat with the dead skin remains. Those who are extremely vulnerable to this may suffer. Poodles with Schnauzers in pair get rid of dandruff every three weeks, thus they are not so dangerous for allergic people. Do not be ignorant about your pet’s hair and coat. Look up for more information to maintain your poodle’s robust appearance.

When female poodles lose their hair

It is a common problem for females of hair loss and coat thinning during the heat period and waiting for newborn puppies. These alterations are tightly connected with hormonal changes. An integral role plays increasing of. This condition can be so strong that sometimes you can see bare areas on your poodle’s body. Four-month period is enough for your pet to have its hair back. Though, your girl poodle is going to have next heat very soon. It reminds a vicious circle. In addition, if you do not want to have a poodle generation at home and your pet suffer from obsessive hair loss, spay it.

Coat and hair troubles

There are wide-spread reasons to explain hair loss and coat troubles:black poodle opened mouth

  • Red Mange is a condition which is characterized by small mites lived on your pet’s coat and caused hair loss in extremely huge amounts. Allergies may be aroused by any product starting with canned food supplements and finishing with canine liquid soap. Itching which is quite common allergy characteristic is harmful both for the skin and hair as an intensive skin scratching is the reason why the hair is lost.
  • Sebaceous Adenitis is inborn disease the main symptom of which makes the coat become thinned  or absolutely fall out. Of course, you can prevent this illness if you test your dogs before breeding.
  • Castration responsive Dermatosis is a disease developed in male poodles which symptom is hair loss starting in the groin area and can spread over the body with time.
  • Hypothyroidism predicts to have too thick coat and not typical structure.
  • When hair stops growing

You may probably meet this problem which is called post loss alopecia if your pet has had hair losing problem. This is explained by the body temperature changing when skin becomes bold. According to this, two years may pass till the fur grow back. It is recommended to use melatonin die to accelerate this process.

Vital general instruction on coat caring

It is crucial to choose proper shampoo for the poodle’s coat. Conditioners make the fur soft, rich in water and without any knots. If you choose a high-standard product, you forget about too fluffy hair, but rich color and shining is guaranteed. PABA ultraviolet radiation protects the coat form sun rays. Thin coat becomes thick and bad-groomed hair improves its condition.

Finishing Sprays or Coat Dressings promise your poodle to have shining and ‘obedient’ hair. It helps get rid of dirt as well. This spray is good to use while brushing and combing as it is oil-free.