Find out how to take care of your poodle’s ears and maintain their good condition. Clean ears are not only the matter of beauty but also the matter of health.

This article is about how to take care of the poodle’s ears and maintain its good condition. Ears need to be well-groomed, how strange it sounds. Clean ears are not only the matter of beauty, but also the matter of health. Maybe it makes sense to think that big size of wax cause air access clogging and as a result ear disease is welcome to treat. Here we tell you about how to clean, take care and cure your poodle’s ears.

What to do if your poodle’s ear canal is covered with hair

poodle with white hairPoodle’ ears are prone to have a lot of hair inside. It usually happens that long hair makes an obstruction for air to come in. As a consequence, do not be so lazy to clean its ears and pluck away hair. If you have time, do it on your own or you have a choice to let the groomer do it. Honestly speaking, it is quite costly to do it in the grooming saloon. In addition, it is a good practice for you to do it on your own. By the way, you always know what kind of products and equipment you use. The hair itself and root are good to be removed by plucking away. Doing this, you cannot get rid of the follicle thus new hair grows back.

Nevertheless, hair removing is more suitable than trimming. The last one offers you shortened hair, which clog air to come through anyway. In addition, they grow back to become too sick. It is a good place for a different kind of infections including yeast.

The things which come in handy for hair getting rid

Dog ear powder helps you control and remove hair. Hemostat is good to control hair. Try to pick up the one which is sized for your poodle. Using it for toys is a good idea. For minis and standards choose a larger one, 5.5 inch. It is important for it to be clean and disinfect so choose the one made with stainless-steel material. This equipment helps you to get rid of the whole hair without pain, on the contrary your fingers remove only visible part of the hair.

The process of plucking hair

poodle on the beachIt is good to make up a schedule suitable for both of you. One little tip for you, the best opportunity for this process is when your poodle is tired or relaxed. If your puppy or adult dog is too excited with something or looks forward to walking, it is unlikely to just sit and wait you to finish this procedure. If you have fed your pet or walked with it, it is a good idea for this. On the contrary, if your poodle is a little hungry, you can praise it with some treatment while plucking hair.

The best advice is to find the convenient position both for you and your poodle. Slightly bend the upside down ear for you to see the leather, use a little powder for the surface and a hemostat to pull the hair quickly as it is less painful.

You should pull the hair you actually see, doing it blindly may be dangerous. Use your voice to calm your poodle down. Your voice is like a sedative for your poodle. Try to be natural since your poodle can easily notice your acting ability. Do not worry about this process because your poodle can feel uneasy as well. Help your poodle understand that this is an usual but highly important part of grooming which is rewarded as well.

After this, massage your pet’s ears in order to relax it. Prepare the hemostat for the next time as it is recommended to do at least in fourteen days or may be in a month. It depends.

The cleaning process

Canine’s inner ear is not simply formed, the ear itself is good for bacteria, yeast and parasites to live in. If you do not get rid of dirt remains, it can cause a serious problem.

Your poodle is not protected from wax clogging if you stick up to your schedule of pluck hair away. A little wax protects your pet’s ear from dust. While it has enough of dirt and dust, it should be removed. Be on the alert if too much of wax is produced, it may be a problem as well.

Remember that water is powerless in the ear cleaning case. Use a good solution to soak the ear with and rub it with the cotton ball for at least one minute. Cotton balls are good absorber and massage helps the dirt stick to the cotton balls. Bad smell indicates that you should continue to clean the ear until you see a clean cotton ball. After this, run the ear without cotton balls. Be careful not to go too deep. Do not forget to do it every one or two weeks to maintain ear health condition.

Ear troubles

Ear infections are not something unknown for poodles. They may be temporarily or grow into acute stage. You can prevent them from these troubles by getting rid of long hair, regular ear cleaning and avoid water entering while bathing.

How to recognize ear infections?showing poodles ears

  • Bad smell is a significant sign you cannot simply ignore.
  • Infected residues such as black or green wax is a prompt that you should do something with it.
  • Scratching definitely points at ear disease. Your pet may seek any ways to decrease this unpleasant feeling.
  • Head shaking is a symptom as well.
  • Vertigo is a sign points that keeping a balance is quite difficult task as well as ear troubles are here.
  • Middle ear problems cause complications in back and forth eye movement.
  • When you pet feels bad and lost its alive and kicking condition, it may be an indicator as well.

How to cure?

Sometimes you can be a savior for your pet if you simply clean its ears and remove undesirable hair as recommended. If it does not work, consult the vet. He finds out the trigger and prescribes appropriate oral antibiotics and antibacterial ear drops. You make your pet’s life easier in a week if you carefully read the instruction and distinctly stick up to the recommendation given there. A full ear flushing, the entire ear canal examination may be recommended by the vet. If your poodle’s head shakes, it may be a problem with ear flap blood vessel hernia. Getting rid of the clot, area cleaning and bandaging it up is the treatment measure. Acute ear diseases cannot be treated. In this case periodically surgery is a good method for cleaning. Sometimes ablation which means to remove the whole ear canal is the only way out. Remember, it is  an exceptionally extreme situation.

Yeast infection

This infection cannot affect both ears. It cannot affect the ears themselves. Some yeast infection is obligatory to be in the dog’s body in a small amount. When the organism has some problem, this amount tends to increase. For example, if you cure the allergy reaction with a steroid medication, this product may develop a yeast infection. Bad smell is a first symptom, you should notice together with itching and irritation. After its diagnosis is proved, you can have a proper treatment, including bathing, everyday cleaning, proper sugar-free nutrition. If the disease is acute, it may be immune systems issues.

Ear mites

Puppies usually suffer from mange, a disease characterized by coat losing. On the contrary, ear mites can affect dogs of all ages. They are too infectious. Fortunately, humans do not tend to have these small insects. Violate itching, thin hard dry layer appeared on the ear and lumps reminding crushed coffee beans. You vet prescribe your pet the medicine for seven or ten days. In two weeks you should get rid of mite egg. Moreover, cleaning the house is obligatory as well as it is a part of treatment.