Grooming tools

Do you want to make your poodle’s coat well-groomed? This article describes all the equipment you may need.

Taking care of your poodle’s appearance is vital unless your little canine friend looks quite untidy and unattractive. Buy the proper tools for this. Still, your mission will be complete if you are aware of how to use them. Grooming kit, as well as a first-aid kit, should be in shipshape order. It makes easier to find the thing you need right now.

Grooming tools your pet requires

tools for dogBuy a curved slicker brush for short hair. Remember, a low-quality one becomes useless soon since wires twist and are too flexible. All in all, buy nice or buy twice.

Brush with rubber tipped pins and a soft pad is good for middle-length to long hair. This brush is good to cope with crispy hair. This is good thing as it does not become formless like previous one does.

Comb with thin teeth on one side and medium teeth on the other side helps you cut areas with different coat length. For example, it is good for toys and minis to brush their faces and monitor knots. Keep in mind, tangles are invisible but touchable. Use a special comb to avoid them quickly.

Sharped de-matting comb and previous one cooperate together perfectly. The face comb finds mats while sharped de-matting comb destroys them. Poodles who are prone to have a lot of mats would be thankful to you for your case. Still, this product does not target for face.

Every dog needs a hair cutting machine. Choose the one with a variety of blades with help of which hair length is controllable. Choose the proper option and that is it. For example, figure 15 respond for short haircut while figure 5 only freshen the hair ends.

You need scissors as well. It is better to choose the one with not sharpened ends due not to wound your dog while grooming. By the way, poodles always feel uncomfortable when the hair grows between the paw pads. Scissors help you make your pet happy. Moreover, they are great for every dog despite the age.

Scissors set is good for those who can take care of poodle’s appearance at home. These tools are sharp on the contrary to the previous. Different size let you cut hair whenever it needed. In addition, it is quite an economical option as you will not need to buy new equipment as your pet grows old.

You need a grooming table if you follow the grooming procedure at your home. Otherwise, a kitchen table is a good idea for simply trimming. Teach your pet to stay calm lying on this table. Soon, it gets used to it.

In additionYou probably need:

  • Clipper for nails or grinder. The latter is more appropriate variant since it quickly files the nails. Your poodle gets used to the noise this tool makes.
  • Eye wipes help you control tear stains if you use it after each meal. Do not forget to wipe out the food remains if your pet is an untidy eater.
  • Paw wax can solve the dry paws problem. It is a good protection from different injuries and a treatment as well.
  • Nose balsam helps to make the skin softer and smoother. It is a protection from the sun rays in summer and dryness and cracking in winter. In addition, thick butter can treat as well.