Poodle haircuts

Poodles can have wonderful haircuts. See our explanations and advice on how to give your poodle a wonderful haircut .

clips poodleHaving a poodle as a pet gives you the opportunity to do its magnificent coat variously, so develop your imagination if you want to, of course. The AKC says that the hairdo depends on the dog age. Here we examine the appropriate poodle’s hairdo for defining events and what each hairdo means.

Made for the show

Lion trims are so popular if your pet is going to participate in the show. This trims can have four forms:

Puppy haircut

It is really suitable trim for poodle puppies younger than one year since it allows to have the entire skin be covered with a coat. It means a lot as skin is protected from the sun and possible injuries which cause serious consequences.

Having this trim means having the face, throat, paws and the beginning of the tail completely shaved. If you wish, have a poof-ball at the tail end. Do not be lazy to scissor once again to have a well-groomed appearance.

Continental hairdo

It is advisable for dogs older than one year to wear.

Practically whole body is bold except for hip rosettes. The pack area is untouched, though well-shaped. The haircut allows you to tie the long hair on the top with a ribbon. In addition, offer a poof-ball for the tail end.

Round-shaped poof-balls begin from the wrist to the feet. Hip joints have round inch-sized rosettes.

Altered continental clip

Poodles wearing this hairdo (plus the English Saddle) can participate in the very important events. It is up to you if your pet has hip rosettes or does not.

English saddle

The face, front legs, body sides, tail beginning and paws are bold. The pack is untouched, though a good form is compulsory to be.

The hairdo allows to tie hair in  a ponytail as well.  The poof-balls measurement and area is as continental hairdo has. Crop hips and body side completely.

The tail end looks like a ball. Hind legs’ poof-balls are round as well and located in the equal distance. The bottom poof-ball is between the hock and feet.

The other variants of hairdos

The UK is full of dogs wearing the sporting hairdos. Shave the face, feet, throat and the tail beginning leaving hair on the head. The other body parts are thoroughly cropped with the help of scissors. An inch of coat is perfect to be left. By the way, leg hair is ideally longer while body hair is shorter. A cute poof-ball at the tail end makes your poodle more attractive.

Poodle Scandinavian clip

The poodles wearing these haircuts are not permitted to participate in the AKC events. Despite this owner choose this haircut as it is quite nice. European people like it so much. ‘Second Puppy Clip’ is a very common name for this.

General description of this haircut is: the top is covered with long hair. Long coat covered the bogy remains only a little of paw to be seen. As this is pretty long haircut, trim it in 5 days before the event.

Kennel Haircut is easy to reproduce, so many owners prefer it. Though the rule of participation in show ring says to refuse from wearing this nice haircut. Poodle’s face, feet and the tail beginning are bold. The body is covered with short well-shaped coat blanket. By the way, it is shorter than topknot and tail hair. Furthermore, you can regulate hair length. Probably, it is worth adjusting to season changes.

Lamb Hairdo looks like Kennel one, but coat length is rather diverse.

Having Bikini (Miami or Summer) Hairdo is to have face, feet and beginning of the tail bold. Body hair is middle-length. Poof-ball-shaped legs are from the wrist to the feet. You had better prefer middle hair length. All in all, it is you who choose.

Dutch Clip present shaved face, neck, stomach, feet and the tail beginning. You can shave the stomach thin or wide. The top of the head, legs and tail should not be bold.

Rope-like coat

It came from the Havanese to let the dog have cords. It is a controversial topic though some owners do not even think about it. All in all, it deprives of many problems, such as combing. Though you have to do it with your own hands.

It is good if you want to save the coat for a long time. Nevertheless, it requires a lot of time to care about this clip, so many owners steer clear of these troubles.