Tear stains

Find out what to do when your poodle has an eye problem such as tear stains.

poodle plays with a babyThe recolored area around eyes is quite wide-spread and disturbing problem. Furthermore, this area can reach cheeks. Some poodles have recolored area near the mouth and even paws. This can be explained by poodles’ ability to be quickly painted. It is hard to get rid of this problem, however, a lot of products are elaborated. They work only for a defined period of time and the problem pops up again. Maybe we should look deeper into the problem to get rid of it, not to mask the matter of the problem. You read more detailed information about this in this article. In addition, over-the-counter drugs are recommended here.

Tear Stains Indicators

  • red-colored hair in the eye area
  • it can increase twice or trice
  • difficulties in hair brushing
  • brittle and crusty hair

Tear staining reasons

It all starts when eye leaks. You may not even notice it since the liquid is quickly soaked up by the hair. By the way, whether you notice your poodle’s crying depends on its coloring. Wet eye area causes color changing. This is dangerous to have a red yeast infection as well.

Why are eyes running, you may ask? There are not so many reasons:

  • low-quality canned food ingredients your poodle is allergic to
  • tap water without filtration
  • allergies
  • teething

Less frequent reasons are:

  • tear narrow tube clogging
  • eyelash or eyelid troubles
  • ear illness

The way to say goodbye to tearing stains forever

If you figure out what the source of this problem is, it means the halfway to its solution. There are two steps to this and together they are powerful while ignoring the first one makes all your try in vain.

Step 1 – The root of the problem elimination

First of all, check whether your poodle has any health problem such as eyelash or eyelid troubles, tear narrow tube clogging and ear illness.

If it is the allergic troubles, you must have your pet tested to find out what the problem is. In this case, allergy medication plays an integral role. Moreover, feed your pet with high-quality food without grain, air is important as well so use HEPA filter or air purifier, vacuuming is important as well as it kill bacteria which cause allergies, do not forget to take off your shoes and wash the pet’s paws after walking.

Good food is the health guarantee. Avoid food contained grain element as they cause a lot of trouble including tear stains, nose discoloration and gastrointestinal troubles. Avoid corn or soy as well. By-product and artificial supplements have bad impact as well. Teething does not last so long while tear stains can left for long time period. Read the proper treatment tips below and try to stick up to it.

Low-quality water especially tapped one has bad impact on your pet health as its variety of ingredients helps you to learn chemistry better. Volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) cause a range of diseases such as liver problems, immune system  disorders and cancer. It was officially proved that fifth part of tap water has VOCs. A lot of ingredients water contains of are not study yet but a lot of minerals are the real trigger of this problem.

You can make yourself certain that your pet drinks clean water if you filtrate it (choose the one which is unmerciful to chromium 6, fluoride, lead, mercury, chlorine, cryptosporidium, VOCs and asbestos).

Try to remove tears from hair as it is quickly soaked up making unpleasant spots on coat. Tears are not the water. It is also glucose, immunoglobulins, lacritin, lactoferrin, lipids, lipocalin, lysozyme, mucin, potassium, sodium, and urea.

It is a good idea to rub the liquid as often as it needed. Ideally, it is three times a day. For you not to forget to do this, rub it after each food intake. Choose a good dog eye wiper for this.

Step 2 – What to choose to remove unnecessary eye liquid

Remember that following only this advice does not bring you desired results. Thoroughly read the previous information to define what the problem is. only then the following tips are helpful.

You can choose for this purpose

  • tear stain remover wipers for not intensive tears. They are easy in usage and economical.
  • tear stain remover powder and liquids. They are able to cope with red yeast.

Home treatmentnon ill poodle

  • The main rule does not harm. So, follow this tips:
  • Avoid using cornstarch alone or with boric acid as it threatens to have eye irritation.
  • forget about vinegar mixed with drinking water. Its smell can make your pet unwilling to drink a normal amount of water and there is not any evidence that this method works.
  • Medicine for the stomach called tums is good for people treatment, not for dogs.
  • Milk of Magnesia, cornstarch, and hydrogen peroxide only dye hair that is all about them.

Recommended medication

If all described do not go, try to use medicine.

It is recommended to use tetracycline during ten days. For you to remember it is forbidden for puppies in the teething period since it leads to teeth eruption.

You can use flagyl for fourteen days. By the way, it is prescribed for diarrhea. Lincocin is a strong drug, so combining it with other medicine is forbidden. Ak-Trol is good for dogs at any age.