Find out how your partis poodle will change color and a lot of useful tips about partis poodles in our article.

Without any doubts, you can choose single-toned poodle. But there is a chance to have different-colored poodle as well. By the way, some of them may be forbidden if we talk about some competition.
Here you read about

  • Parties (two-colored dogs)
  • Mismarking (a special color marking type)
  • Tuxedo (a special two-toned marking)
  • Ticking
  • What Do Partis Look Like?

partis poodleParti poodles have a lot of white in their coat, but phantom poodles do not. So, white is in major while another color may place whenever it wants. That is why you cannot find two similar poodles. It is a real pleasure to look at the parti puppies variety.
If the parti poodle coat is clear white and another which, by the way, never becomes white, it proves that your dog is pure blooded.
Keep in mind that coloring is changeable until your poodle become an adult.
The parti poodles are black-spotted. Nevertheless, ticking in white is beyond all borders (you read about this later).
If we talk about breeding, hard to foresee whether two parti parents can have parties. Sometimes completely different colored poodles are in one litter.
The MITF gene makes your poodle colored in various ways. This gene has not impacted on main colors. So, two parti poodles can produce the same coloring puppies while sole-coloring puppy is produced by parti and sole-coloring poodle.
The parti poodles are forbidden to take part in some competition or event, but they are allowed to be registered there as a participant. They can also demonstrate their skills. There is hope that American parti poodles can participate in conformation in a few years as it is in German puppies do now.
Despite being great and popular, partis were forbidden to be a part of the show ring at the end of 1900’s. In a few years the multi-color poodle club was created and there was provided its own participation.

Mismark Poodles

As the matter of fact, mismark and abstract are the same thing. It is thought to be flawed if your dog has mismarkes. So conformation is a taboo for your mismark poodle. Usually, it is complicated for people to tell what is the difference between mismarks, tuxedo and parti poodles. However, there is a difference, despite all named dogs have white on their coat.
Admittedly, mismarks have minimum of white, unlike partis.
Actually, mismark poodles can have a variety of main colors except for white. On a point of fact, white is prone to transfer into another light colorings and cover less than a great part of the dog’s body.
If you want to define whether it is a mismarks or a partis, simply shave your poodle. A mismark poodle’s skin is the same color as its coat coloring is. A parti poodle skin is two-colored. It exactly shows where white and another-colored hair was.

Is a lot of colors good?

It is not easy to find such puppies very often. We are talking about the dogs which have two or more coloring. For example, parti poodle with phantom marking. Definitely, these poodles cannot take part in the show ring.


parti dog

It is very easy to find among a lot of poodles a tuxedo one. If your poodle has white chest and sometimes neck, it is doubtless tuxedo. The same goes for white stomach and a little of the chest area. This coloring may continue to the front and hind legs and paws too. The poodle back should be dark colored. Black is frequent color for the poodle’s back from the period of time when red/blue and white poodles are infrequent. By and large, marking can be put on different body spots as the nature does not obey the rules. Nevertheless, big spots are abnormal unlike small and invisible. Still, two color boundary should be spotless.


If you are mislead by this term, remember that this means nothing more but spotting. Poodles are usually only a little ticked. Usually light hair has dark spots and vice versa. The widespread opinion among breeders is do not mix parti poodles with ticking one since puppies are more likely to have dirty-looking color.